When the Management Sucks

It is Sunday and its getting late. I am tired and all I can think off is work tomorrow. I have a couple of presentations that I need to prepare and I hate it. I submit to cracking my brain to the presentation content but the cosmetic part?! Oh please.. Powerpoint takes too much of […]

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Heaven On Earth

Smells Like Heaven

Do you know what heaven smells like? I do. This morning, before I left for work, I was kissing my sleeping baby and he smells like heaven. It’s the scent of love in his baby breath and the scent of innocence in his closed eyes. It’s the scent of tenderness in his curling hair and […]

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Happy Fasting

Last year I was preggie with Miki but managed to fast for 29 perfect days. I puked through my nose on the one day that didn’t. Yes, I am gross, but see now you don’t have appetite and so you can fast better. Everything is good in the month of Ramadan, even vomit can be […]

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The Alor Star Drama


Last Thursday I was having dinner with the rest of the delegations from my company. We were in working visit to several high-tech plants up north and were staying in Holliday Villa, Alor Star. Instead of the boring hotel food, we headed to Pekan Rabu for some local warung goodies for a change. So there […]

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Am I paranoid?

Am I paranoid? I think I am. I just can’t get over the burglar that happily entered our house last month! What if he comes again? What if other burglars come? What if somebody steal my car? I’d be dead without my car! Just where would I wear my makeup?? Now I am realize that […]

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