Thor : The Dark World 2013 – A Yummy Mummy’s Review

Thor : The Dark World was undeniably entertaining. Many of the parts in the movie I totally didn’t see coming unlike The Avengers previously. This movie reunites its casts including Dr Erik Selvig that has gone bad under the influence of the Loki in the Avangers. In Thor 2, Dr Erik made a comeback at the Stonehenge, running around with his latest invention – nikkid!!!

Why the birthday suit, I wonder.. And I feel it is very unnecessary unless it is Thor! Yes, Mr Director, if you want to have a scene of a naked man running around in a Thor movie, just get Thor to do it please! It is much more pleasing to the eyes and consequently you will get more cinema ticket buyers among the yummy mummy community like moi and the rest of the hot blooded women around the globe? Enough justifications?


Anyway, Loki in Thor 2 got locked up in an extremely bright prison in the dungeon. Thor got a task from his father, Odin to reunite the Nine Realms. Anthony Hopkins looks really old in this movie, almost helpless and I wish they have position Odin’s role in a better way. Jane Foster pulak tetiba jadi minah gedik yang 2 tahun terlopong tunggu Thor balik. Nasib baik tak segedik Bella Swan you kalau tidakkkk….

She got “infected” with this super terrestrial energy while she wondered off in another dimension, looking for Thor, she said. Then Thor had to take her back to Asgard although Odin asked him to send her back. Dark Elves led by Malekith, being the bad guy, in attempt to destroy the universe, came searching for Jane in Asgard and get that power within her. And while at that, he killed Thor’s mom. Huhu!

In order to get to Malekith, Thor made a deal with brother Loki. I wanted to say to Odin, “LOKI TU HADAPPP NAK JADI RAJA, JUST GIVE HIM THE THRONE ALREADY!!!”

thor and his dad



Thor refused to become the Ruler (kerana cintanya kepada his mortal, Jane si astrophysicist – nerd!) and Loki tu bukan apa pun… nak jadi Raja jer…tak gitu?? And so they fight and they fight and Darcy fell in love with her intern. Can she be an intern that long??? Bertahun- tahun? Tak jadi bengong ke kerja tade gaji lama camtu..
In the end Malekith was defeated and Jane continue to wait for Thor bila-bila mamat tu rasa nak datang to Earth wallahualam!

Conclusions – Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is yummy! Jane Foster is the smarter older version of Bella Swan of Twilight. The movie is really entertaining an Thor is hot. 4 stars!

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