Luth Mikael’s First Day of School in Standard One

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The day that I had been waiting for finally arrived. Miki, my little baby Miki is reaching yet another historical and important milestone in his life – Starting school at SK Seksyen 2 Bandar Kinrara!

Although at times Miki seemed clueless on what he needs to do at primary school, he was very excited! That morning, 12 Jan 2015, he jumped out of bed at 6.00am! Wide eyed with excitement, got into the shower and was dressed in this brand new uniform within a jiffy!

first day sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara

He performed Subuh prayer, went through a couple of pages of Iqra with Daddy and then came down for breakfast. He didn’t have much appetite as it was too early but eating breakfast had become a habit for him. A good habit that I am very pleased of.

Then off we went to school SKS2BK. It was 7am and quite dark. Miki reached for my hand as we walked from the car to school and memories of him learning how to walk when he was a baby swarmed over me…

It seemed just like yesterday…

first day sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara

follow me to sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara

I do not have any memories on my first day of school. As we walked in, I remember yes, we had an assembly. The children were lining up according to their classes, and we could’t find where Miki’s class was amidst hundreds of young children.

I thought I saw a paper signage of 1 Cemerlang held by a prefect in front so I told Miki to get into that line. After a few minutes, he turned back at us and told us this is 3 Cemerlang! and he was just Darjah 1!

Sorry Miki, you were getting bigger and Mummy must be older that she thought she was. She couldn’t see the sign and besides, nampak macam sama saiz je kot… Miki dengan budak darjah 3 tu… Anyway! that’s great! at least we could tell that Miki was fully alert on his surrounding. hehe!

hari pertama miki at sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara


hari pertama sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara

hari pertama sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara
I knew no way Miki was gonna cry.  He didn’t freaking cry on the first day of kindergarten at Little Caliph when he technically 3 years old. In fact, I didn’t stay with him at Little Caliph at all that day, I just saw him disappeared from the front door.

But this time around I was much more  emotional, maybe because of the fact that  primary school was the first step to independence, first step for the baby birds to leave the nest… With that thought in my mind, I stalked Miki for about an hour out side his class… haha!

first day sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara

hari pertama miki at sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara

first day sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara

Then Azman and I went off for coffee and came back at 10am for his break time. Honestly, I know Miki wouldn’t have any problem at all.. but hey! this is my son’s big day! I have to see his reaction! haha! Terpinga-pingakah? Tak jumpa canteen kah? Makan comot satu badan kah? hehe

The teacher took them in two lines to the canteen. Miki sometimes tersasul said Genting for canteen! haha

Miki walked confidently while chit chatting with his new friend Adam. They sat next to each other, opened up each other lunch box and started to eat. Kesian… Miki currently was on yet another growth spurt I guess, he ate a lot!

waktu rehat
kantin sekolah kebangsaan

Azman and I left and came back later at 12.30pm to wait for the last bell.  We showed him where to go, where to wait for the Van, made sure he memorized the Uncle’s face and hey…. Done with Miki’s first day of school at SK Seksyen 2 Bandar Kinrara.

Here are a few pics for the album! hehe
hari pertama sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara
hari pertama sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara

It wasn’t so tough  (for me) and it was fun and excitement for Miki… He was nothing but eager to go to school again the next day. He was telling us none stop about all that he had done and both Azman and I loved listening to him babble… Kata orang budak-budak ni makin besar makin taknak bercerita dengan parents kan? huhu… Hopefully tak gitulah ye Miki… Ko citer lah apa ko nak cerita pun. Daddy pasti mendengar hahaa

first day sk seksyen 2 bandar kinrara

budak kecik yang handsome

Isn’t my baby tall, dark and handsome? Just like seruan YB KJ? hehe.. He is almost as tall as my shoulders now..Huhu!

Anyway on the second day, Miki dah pandai beli makanan kat canteen, dah tahu jalan keluar like the back of his hands, mana nak tunggu Van… Makin ramai kawan, makin happy! Me and Azman also happy, lega and senang hati…

I really -really hope Miki will excel in his studies, be a good person to our God and mankind. There is nothing more than a Mom could wish for than to see her children happy and successful. Insya Allah!

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