Story of My Little Boy, Miki

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My son told me a story yesterday. About what he heard from his friend Naufal in school. He said Naufal has a friend from Agama School and the boy a horrible one. Perhaps the boy was angry, because he kept yelling on top of his lungs.

The boy yelled “Allah jahat! Allah jahat! Allah mana ada….”’, Miki told me, his face full of horror and despair.

‘Mana boleh cakap macam tu! Teruknya…’ said my 7 year old son to me. He shook his head, his face intense. He almost cried.

My little  boy Miki was astounded, was dumbfounded… He was scared, he could not believe one would say such a thing. It is unspeakable, unthinkable! I asked what was his feedback to Naufal and Miki in his apologetic face said that he told Naufal that Allah is kind. Allah is real. Allah made us all.

At that moment I stared at my son, he was looking swag. His hair cut short and sleek, his sleeves rolled up, his wore denim shorts and ankle high boots. An iPhone hang from his neck.

handsome 7 year old boy

One glance at this  child and I know the society would not think he is capable of feeling what he felt. He is a young boy with utter disbelief of someone Muslim would do such a thing, say such a thing… He knew deeply in his heart, what happened was wrong. What the boy said was wrong and nothing would change his stand, his religious belief.

Now that is IMAN. Miki believes. My 7 year old child believes.

I am so proud of my him. I pray and I am confident that his strong belief is there in his heart to stay. It doesn’t matter that the cell phone around his neck is American, his clothes are all very American, his shoes are made by a company that is probably Jewish I don’t know… I don’t care if he stares at a crucifix without blinking for 30 minutes. In fact we have been in a church and temples and shrines…

They all don’t matter because once you have a strong BELIEF, THE IMAN, my son, there is nothing in this world that you should be afraid of.  So keep that IMAN strong, Miki, and just be the wise and kind person you are. You don’t need to preach, you don’t need to correct or change people, your kind heart and good deeds however, will shine on others.

Miki, I love you and I am always praying for the best for you.

Pictures of Miki and Rafa at MidValley Megamall last weekend. Goofying around… making Hulk faces LOL!

the iron man statue malaysia the advengers
hulk statue exhibition kuala lumpur
captain america malaysia exhibition kids the advengers






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24 Responses

  1. Diyana says:

    thanks Azrin… we must strengthen our heart… not be afraid of our own shadows…

  2. Kak Iena says:

    Good boy Miki. Hopefully Wildan will be like that too. #touchedmatamasukbawang

  3. yanti says:

    Alhamdulillah. Stay strong that way Miki. My 7yo girl Nada, came home one day with same kind of story from the daycare. Apparently, there’s a Muslim girl whom do not believe in the existence of Allah swt. If the boy in Miki’s story was an angry one, the girl in my daughter’s story justify everything to science… Such is.

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