Asam Pedas Ikan Jenahak 3.85

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Last week in conjunction with the school holidays, we went to take the kids for a trip to Melaka. We stayed at A Famosa Resort and the restaurants both in and around the resort area were all  swarming with flies. Yuck!

On the second day we went over to Bukit Katil to check out a Malay restaurant in search for Melaka’s must have – asam pedas. Friends recommended Restoran Hajjah Rahmah Kari Kepala Ikan and  I really have to thank these people because the Asam Pedas Kepala Ikan  that we had was amazinggggggg!

asam pedas kepala ikan

restoran hajjah rahmah bukit katil

All of these, with 3 plates of rice and 4 glasses of drink costs just RM53.00. Murah kan? But we should have ordered their air tebu. Nevermind, we will go again next time! hehe

And because the Asam Pedas experience we had at Hajjah Rahmah was a kenangan terindah (LOL), I had to replicate the same at home…

Here is my version of Asam Pedas Ikan Jenahak Diyana’s Style. Hahaha!

asam pedas jenahak
makan malam

The fish is served with kangkung goreng belacan and ayam goreng for the kids. The ginger torch and kangkung came from our garden, I am very pleased to say that. hehe!

As I was cooking these dishes, I remembered AM 3.85 tweeted on Nasi Goreng Elak GST. His nasi goreng was the most basic of a peasant food, unappetizing even revolting. Even the way it was served is sloppy. I would imagine that blob of rice is only fit to be served in prison. All my life, our family has always consume proper food every meal time – rice, fish and/or chicken/meat, vegetables, soups, ulam, fruits etc. And we are just regular people not millionaires.

It disgusts me when a leader suggest his people to eat sloppy food like this, assuming we are mediocre in both lifestyle and mindset. Just like that kangkung statement once upon a time…

Well I am no leader and I am a nobody. But I hope everyone in Malaysia if not the world would have abundance of healthy balanced food to eat. I hope for more kindness and love in each and everyone of us and I hope these sort of leaders will drop dead have more empathy towards the people. insyaAllah.

Enjoy your meals everyone!

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