Jurassic World – Movie Review

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I watched the sneak preview of Jurassic World last night. I hate to say this but the first half an hour or so was boring. Come on… this is a dino movie… You can’t make us wait that long until the first dinosaur to appear.
If you film makers really insist on making audiences wait 30 minutes to have a glimpse of a Raptor the Vicious, bring out Chris Pratt the Delicious, will ya?

And so instead of getting a glimpse of the new theme park, we watched several unnecessarily long scenes of the two brothers at the beginning of the movie. The boys, Gray and Zach traveled to Isla Nublar in Costa Rica where Jurassic Park is to meet with their Aunt Claire who is the Manager of the new Jurassic World. Jurassic World is a theme park much similar to SeaWorld only the Shamu is an oversized Mosasaurus.


In contrast to Jurassic Park, the new Jurassic World features genetic hybrids of dinosaurs in order to attract more visitors. The guys in lab were making cocktail of octopus, leaf frog and dinosaur DNA to create a new breed. And they come up with a badass creature looking almost like T REX but bigger, smarter and nastier called Indominus Rex.
Indo Mee must have been the one sponsoring this one LOL!

Anyway, Gray and Zach was supposed to be chaperoned by their Aunt in the park but instead she was having was too busy with work. At the same time, Chris Pratt the Delicious was training Raptors like they were training tigers in the circus.


Then there were these military guys, knowing that the Raptors can be trained, wanted them in his programme so that America can conquer the world shit.

On the very same day when Gray and Zach was wondering at the park by themselves after fleeing away from their assigned nanny called Zara, the freaking Indominus Rex decided to flee.


This beast can camouflage, control its body temperature and it can freaking dig a chunk of meat out of its back when the RFID device was implanted. How it did that with it ridiculous teeny weeny dinosaur hands, don’t ask me.
After it got out of its enclosure, Indominus went on killing spree, murdering all Brontosaurus and other dinos for fun and not for food. Like jahat giler binatang ni… tak padan dengan DNA katak…

When all attempts to stop it fail, finally Owen (Chris Pratt) who trained the Raptors since they were babies lead an army of men and Raptors to attack Indominus. When they meet up, only they figured out that the monster is not only made of sotong kurita and katak pisang genes but also Velociraptor.

So Indominus and the Raptors tak jadi nak lawan and they team up to attack Owen and his men. *slapforehead

Owen and Claire (in her high heels) and the boys fought and they ran and they escaped death so many times, until the little boy Gray gave an idea about getting more teeth to fight Indominus. Claire freed Tyrannosaurus REX from its enclosure and immediately it began attacking the bigger Indominus (can’t stop thinking of Indome me goreng segera, yummm!)

T REX almost died but luckily Owen managed to get his last Raptor to attack its cousin Indominus. Mr. Indomegorengnus was thrown at the brim of the lagoon and NGAP! Kena makan dengan Mosasaurus!

Habis cerita! Yay! I am giving these movie 4 stars out 5 because it is really entertaining but there are some scenes that I feel not so necessary or not making any impact. I hope Claire wasn’t such a bimbo for a theme park manager but heroins are all like that! Haha!  I enjoyed the movie and so will you! Go watch it! Hehe!

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15 Responses

  1. eintanz says:

    semalam i nak tengok lisa cakap mommy its just a story about dinosours. hentak2 kaki nak tgk tommorowland. boring sungguh anak dara ku.

  2. Diyana says:

    Eintanz, hahahaha!!! anak dara mana minat dinosaur… Perfect Pitch Lisa nak la tengok kot? pastu tomorrow land tu best tak? george clooney mmg best la.. hehe

  3. Amyz says:

    LOL!!! Baca review ni dah tak payah gi tgk dah. Tapi sebab ada Chris Pratt mungkin akan gi tgk juga. LOL!!!!

  4. eintanz says:

    perfect pitch hari opening dah tengok. dia siap tengok dua kali lagi. tommorowland best. Im sure your boys will enjoy it too.

  5. Yan says:

    I watched this two days ago. Isaac had a great time. Hubs thought it was only so-so. But I think it was good. Prolly because I was never as big fan as he was.

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