Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

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Assalamualaikum to all my Muslim readers, family and friends… It is Bulan Puasa again… Yay! It is the best month in the whole year! The most spiritual, the most exciting, the most gastronomic and the most mengantuk! Haha!

In fasting months, hunger and thirst are hardly the problem to me but I get really sleepy! Since Miki started fasting at age 5, our sahur routine becomes stricter as it is a must to stock up his lithe body with as much nutrients as possible in preparation for fasting on the next day.

As kaki tidur mati, waking up early for sahur prep is a challenge but Mummy will do anything for her boys lah! Heehehe

Selamat Berpuasa dan Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan yang mulia! Kenang GST sewaktu membeli! ??


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