Siri Bercakap Dengan Miki & Rafa – It’s Story Time!

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Yesterday, we were getting ready to go out to dinner and  I said to my youngest son, “Rafa, kita nak keluar makan, pergi pakai kasut.” His reply was extra long yesterday,

“Mummy! Rafa tak nak go out, Rafa tak nak makan, Rafa tak nak sleep, Rafa tak nak good night, Rafa nak good morninggggg jeee…”

Semua ko tak nak. Penampar nak? When he said he wants good morning, he meant to stay awake forever and never go to sleep. Oh well Rafa, someday when you are my age and seated on a nice rotating chair in a management meeting, do read this blog entry again and remember how silly you were when you were 3 because at that point, you’d feel like killing somebody and just crawl back to bed! hah!



Making silly faces and goofying around is what they do best!

Well then we finally did got into the car. In order to lessen the chances of the boys tearing each other’s hair out, I decided that it was story time and everybody in the car must tell a story starting with Rafa. Of course his reply was,

“Rafa tak nak story, Rafa tak nak monkey, Rafa tak nak crocodile……” Ok! Ok! We start with Miki then! Ugh stressnya….

“Is it a made up story?” Miki double confirmed.

“Ye boleh, cerita apa-apa pun boleh. Cakap elok-elok jangan gagap..” I told him.

“Once upon a time…. there was a monkey who lives on a tree…” fuhh cerita cakap omputeh.. hahaha
“The monkey was very hungry and he saw some bananas on a banana tree. He wanted to eat the bananas but the tree was across the river. The monkey thinks and thinks.. Then he saw a log on the river..”

I just wanted to play English teacher, ” … saw a log FLOATING in the river…”

Miki continued, ” Then he saw a log FLOATING in the river. The monkey jumped on log. After that he knows that log is bumpy and it was a crocodile…”

I repaired his sentence sorta, ” After that, he saw that log was very bumpy and REALIZED that it was actually a crocodile…..”

Miki noted and repeated, “After that, he saw that log was very bumpy and REALIZED that it was actually a crocodile….. He quickly jumped to the other side of the river. He was safe and he was very happy because he could eat the bananas… yayyyyy!”

Everybody clapped and cheered to Miki’s made up story that took him probably 75 seconds to complete including my interventions. So then Rafa felt encouraged.

muzium lembah bujang

“Rafa pulak! Rafa pulak! Rafa story – Dinosaur Roar! Roar! Roar!” he said. Alamak, tajuk cerita pun dah lawak dah camana ni.

” One day, there is a dinosaur and he *gibberish gibberish*. The dinosaur walk in the jungle *gibberish gibberish* The dinosaur eat brishhbagh pew and he said ROAR ROAR ROARRR and then he pewpewpewburshhh brakk! The end! hahahaha! Ahahaha!” 

Rafa ended his story entitled Dinosaur Roar Roar Roar with The End and a big laugh. As his story was 50% baby talk I asked if Miki understood.

“Miki paham..” he translated, “Rafa cerita, ada dinosaur ni, dia jalan-jalan pastu dia Roar Roar Roar sampai terberak. Betul kan Rafa?”

“Betul!!” Rafa cheered happily and clapping his hands, Miki understood his story, he was so pleased.

So we all cheered and clapped our hands to Rafa’s wonderful story about a dinosaur that roars sampai terberak.


Wonderful boys! Wonderful….

Have a great weekend everyone, especially all of you Mom of Boys out there…

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  1. Liz says:

    Hahahahah this is tooooooo funny!!!! Tergelak I baca sorang sorang hahahahaha

  2. Amyz says:

    Dinasor berak pon boleh laaaa..

    Adehhhh nak terguling aku gelak nih. Ahahahahah

  3. Shani says:

    I just read this post. Serious lawak ok!

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