Siri Bercakap Dengan Rafa – Happy Rainbow

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Last weekend we were singing in the car. It was Barney’s theme song “I Love You”. Although Rafa can sing “All About That Bass”, he was not familiar with this song which I thought is pretty funny cause both songs are sang by singers who are equally talented, friendly and fat. (ampun Meghan Trainor! ko selalu kutuk orang kurus, nah aku kutuk hang balik.. kahkah )

Mummy – “Ok Rafa ikut Mummy nyanyi… I love you…”
Rafa  – ” I wuv you..”
Mummy – ” You love me”
Rafa – “I wuv me..”
Mummy – “You love me… lah!”
Rafa – ” You love me….”
Mummy – ” We are happy family…”
Rafa – ” We are happy…” he paused, perhaps he forgot the word, before he continues loudly, ” RAINBOWWWW!”

Mummy – “Happy family lah Rafa! Apa pulak rainbow? hehee”
Rafa – ” No!! Happy rainbow! Apa family…” dia tanya aku balik.
Mummy – ” Yelah. kita kan happy family, one, Rafa.. two, Miki… three, Mummy and four, Daddy! We are a family!”
Rafa – “No, No! Daddy tak payah…” he said siap geleng-geleng kepala.

We all burst out laughing. Kesian laa Daddy, why don’t you want him as family? Who will drive us around and pay for our stuff? haha



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