Rafa Demam

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I can’t remember when was the last time Rafa got sick. I just cannot recall when I am actually worried about his health. But this week I did.

Last Sunday (13 March) I noticed that his body was burning. Gave him 4ml of PCM and watching his condition closely. The next day there was no improvement and he started to refuse food and drinks. By evening, he became slightly weak and we noticed that he has an ulcer on the back of his lips.

These pictures were taken when he was in the pink of health.
I was actually relieved to see that ulcer because now I knew what caused the hike in temperature. My worse fear is of course dengue. MasyaAllah. We took him to the doctor them and got some meds. His temperature read 39 degrees OMG!

On Tuesday he still refused food but Miki was too excited about the Sunway Lagoon annual pass that we got from MATTA Fair and we thought if Rafa was happier, he would wanna eat. So we went to Sunway Lagoon for just 2 hours. He swam a bit and played at the beach a little bit. And yes we were right Rafa cheered up happily. He licked some ice-cream and let the rest melt huhu but later in the car on our way back home, he drank a whole bottle of milk.


I felt relieved instantly but a minute later he throw up the whole thing… Oh now… I somehow think he was throwing up due to some side effect of the meds. The vomiting happened a couple more times after that. But the next day I need to get back to work.

As reported by Miki, Rafa ate and drank normally, in fact he consumed a lot of food at Mummy Rose’s house. This is what I am really geram with Rafa. With his parent at home, he would not eat, he became clingy, he hogs the remote, he hogs my phone etc etc  but with his babysitter, he would be just angelic little boy that does everything he is told. geram kan?? hish!img_3865.jpg

From Wednesday till today (Friday), Rafa refused to eat at home dengan alasan nak muntah. Pastu pergi rumah Mummy Rose, dia mentekedarah! Apa kah? His temperature is back to normal but I noticed his gums pulak is red and a bit swollen. When he brushes his teeth this morning, his gum bleeds!

Oh noooo…. kejadian apakah ini???? Miki never had this problem before. I really don’t know what to do!!

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