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A few years ago, all of a sudden my face started to break out like a teenager. Although throughout my entire life, my skin has never been really clear let alone flawless but come on…. red bumps on my cheeks and chin? I am over this, I managed to get rid of these big fat jerawat at 16 and now it was coming back.

I tried changing my facial wash, my sunscreen even include some healthier stuff in my diet but nope.. nothing changes. I think I suffered for about 2 weeks. Then it hit me! I remembered! What I used to bust those zits in highschool was Dalacin T.

So off I went to the pharmacy, sort of testing my luck, I don’t even know if that medication is still available, coz it has been years.. And yeah, I was lucky, it is still in the market and poof my zits has gone again, leaving my face to the regular one or two pimples in a month.

Anyway, this blog post is not about my rediscovery of a great product. It is about what I feel about kids these days! And when I say kids, I am  not saying school goers. I am talking 20 somethings youth that lacks living skills! Seriously!


This is my face after using the medicine. Not clear but no bumpy jerawat either.. Oklah, bukan cari makan dengan menjual muka LOL

Ok, that time when I had my grownup breakouts, I blogged about using Dalacin T somewhere in this blog. And over the years until today, I surprisingly got many feedbacks on that particular entry. And these people who emailed me, they are not asking me for recommendations and testimonials, THEY WANT ME TO BUY IT FOR THEM!

Seriously? I got that from a Guardian only lah, not from some mysterious guy wearing sunglasses at night at some back alley. The first persons who contacted me was from Sabah and Sarawak. So okay, I thought like, perhaps Dalacin T is not available there. Then came an email from a girl from Muar, I started to wonder.. come one, takkan takde Guardian kat Muar, hello? They have kacang pool kot?!

I replied politely to all of them,  but I was too busy to become a personal shopper. I thought the Muar girl was the last one, but nope, I was wrong. Then came two emails from two different people in Pahang, asking me to buy that simple, cheap medicine and post it to them. They would pay for shipping and all.

After the Pahang girl, there was a Kedahan girl, same thing… “Saya dah cari di kedai, tak jumpa, boleh tak tolong saya beli?” Kedah? Seriously? You go up north a few kilometers, and you would get access to fuller lips,  higher nose, sharper chin, perkier boobies, bubble butts… and you can’t find a Dalacin T? kedai mana ko pergi cari dik? Kedai basikal kah?

A part of me ache so much to become that good person and help these girls get the clear skin that they deserve but there is also the demon in me that told myself to get real and leave these girls to grow up and go shopping like normal people. Darn it, demon-in-me! You are right! Especially when I got another purchase and post request from a Malay girl a couple of days ago.

You would never believe where she is from. CHERAS. NEAR BALAKONG. That’ practically 15-20 minutes from where I live. She said she went to search for it at the pharmacy and couldn’t find it. I vomited blood. She is either lying to me or she is stupid.

Since it is sinful to lie but you won’t go to hell for being stupid, I am just gonna assume that she is idiotic.

Another picture of me after treatment. Gambar before tak payah la kang korang
pulak yang hadiahkan aku ubat jerawat LOL


Girls, all of you told me that you have been to the pharmacy or drug store but you couldn’t find the simple Dalacin T that costs Rm40. Well, can I ask you something, did you try OPENING YOUR MOUTH, SPEAK and ASKING the sales person? Because if you did, that sales person would direct you to the back of the store, where the pharmacist is. A pharmacist is the highly trained, qualified  healthcare professional who practices pharmacy, the field of health sciences focusing on safe and effective medication use. Faham? Pernah tahu tak ahli farmasi ni wujud?

Now, the pharmacist will ask you, “May I help you?

Then you answer, “I am looking for Dalacin T for my muka yang menggerutu ini”

She or he will pass you the box and ask you to proceed with payment. Senang tak? Senang sangat kan? Lepas tu ko kena cakap Terima kasih. Sebab kita manusia bertamadun, kita cakap terima kasih. Kalau Islam kata Assalamualaikum. Kalau Farmasis tu Cina jangan bagi salam pulak, bukan apa nanti dia tak reti nak jawap.

Then you may leave, happily with hopes of clear skin. Jangan sekali-kali ko berak kat shower dia? Paham?

What I really feel is, the youth these days are  totally lacking face-to-face communication skills and even living skills. They are highly depending on online services to a point that they can’t succeed going to the store and buy something when that process requires verbal human communication.

They would rather email some blogger stranger read: me, pleading me to buy and post it to them. I am a blogger bytch, I am not Lazada. I know I sound mean but you guys need to work on that  human skills ok? Malu bertanya sesat jalan tau tak..

Good luck to my future generations, may you be able to still speak without typing and clicking the button send. Amin


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  1. Amyz says:

    Woii lama tak blog. Bila sesekali post lawak nak mati pulak. Hahahahhahaha berdekah aku gelak.

  2. Diyana says:

    hahahah! terima kasih atas galakkan. lambat aku taip ni.. tak jumpa butang enter. hehe

  3. Fariza says:

    Farmasi kena sediakan skrin untuk hantar email kepada pharmacist, baru diorang pandai nak tanya kot.

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