EQ Development and why I feel it is so important

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Hi everyone! It is September already.. I can hardly believe how fast time is flying. Before we knew it, it will be 2018, Rafa will turn 6 and Miki will be 10, that is like double digit age ok!

As mom of two boys, I feel it is so important to develop my sons’ EQ and IQ. I strongly believe it would make them a better person, and they will be ready to face the ever changing and challenging future. On top of continuous nurturing, positive communication and leading by example, EQ and IQ can be developed with the right nutrition for a complete overall brain development.

Since Rafa started pre-school, I have been watching and monitoring his development closely. I am very pleased that he is doing well with his counting, reading and writing but I would also love to see if he is progressing emotionally and in terms of his social skills.

EQ is rather tricky to assess because it is an intangible trait, but basically it affects how we manage behaviour, navigate social complexities and make personal decisions to achieve positive results.

Lately Rafa has been expressing his feelings about the people and characters around him. From his friends to his teachers, from us, his family members to cartoon characters.

He has been telling me about his friend M at school who is very nice to him and share his toys. Rafa would tell me that sharing is good and we have to always share.

His other friend K on the hand would call him names and Rafa would conclude that no one should mock others, it is mean and would hurt other people’s feelings.

I was very touched when he says all this to me, how much he has gone matured over such short time and yes! Ability to judge characters and to learn from it is a sign of high EQ. Yay!


“My kids at Rafa’s sports day. And he won a gold medal! Hooray!”


Now that my youngest son is progressing very positively, I believe it is the best time for me to expose them to a lot of stimulation and feed them with the best nutrition. Because Mummy wants the best for you kids!

“My precious during recent Raya. Bersalam-salaman, such a beautiful and meaningful moment. I want them to be good to each other like this for the rest of their lives.”

When I was going through my kids diet intake, I meticulously go through every nutrient contained in the food they take especially in their formula milk. One thing that I never fail to do is comparing the DHA level. Rafa has been drinking Enfagrow A+ and apparently the delicious milk contains not only highest level of DHA but also MFGM Complex.


I have been doing some reading and searching online and I found out that a research done has shown that DHA and MFGM are the key nutrients to promote IQ and EQ development!

I now know that MFGM Complex is a membrane surrounding lipid droplets in milk which is found abundantly in the brain that is important in helping the connections between the brain cells and rapid transmission of message for brain development and function as well as immunity.

This is truly amazing that nutrition can help in influencing EQ too! Traditionally we think that only stimulation influences EQ right?

After all, in the first 5 years of our children’s age, that’s when their brain development occur the fastest, whereby 90% of the brain developed at this period of time. I must take advantage of this 5 precious years to ensure my baby boo gets nothing but the best. We all know now that we are no longer focusing on academic excellence only, EQ is equally important to ensure our children will grow up to become independent, useful adults to the society.

Play hard, study smart and drink your milk right! Here comes a #futurereadymalaysians child into the world!

So, I am totally sticking to the new Enfagrow A+.Like all the moms out there, I want nothing but the best for my kids,and I know they will be futureready when they have the balance of both IQ & EQ. I am so concerned about the EQ development and whether or not will they be successful in life. InsyaAllah, with best nutrition intake and continuous positive stimulation, they will be the best that they could be! Amin!

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