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Majlis Akikah dan Berendoi Prince Rafa

On 1st September 2012, Rafa had his first party! Yay!! Well at least that was what Miki called it. Actually we hosted the traditional Berendoi ceremony and slaughtered two goats for the feast ...

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The Food Porn

Come indulge yourself with daring chili hot, chocolate coated, mouth watering poses of chicken and fish in my food porn! Hahaha! Many-many moons ago I bought a fish. It is a ...

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Siri Bercakap Dengan Miki – Miki decided Daddy beli jagung jadi kaya!

My first baby Miki is 4 years and 9 months old in October 2012. He is 20 kilos and 113cm tall. His super curly hair is now just waves and ...

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Guess who is the Fisher-Price Parent Ambassador 2013?

  Me. *faints* Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently Fisher –Price Malaysia went on a hunt to find parents who appreciate innovative toys and let their children grow and learn through play. And ...

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Travelling in Germany - Natural History Museum at Berlin ( Museum für Naturkunde )

Read earlier entries on our road trip in Europe HERE. On our second day in Germany (25 May 2013),  Miki woke up at 4am in the morning ( approx. 10am Malaysian ...

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Rafa’s First Strawberry Picking Trip in Cameron Highlands


Sometimes I feel sorry for my lil baby booboo Rafa…I feel like he has not been to as many places as his big brother has been when he was his age. If I am not mistaken, Miki has taken his first aeroplane ride to Langkawi when he was about Rafa’s age kot… Sedangkan Rafa paling […]

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Daily Quickie – Candy Crush

nuh rafael

On no! It is Monday! Bur seriously, I am feeling very refreshed today thanks for the good 7 hours sleep with minimal interruption. For the past 2 weeks or so, Rafa hasn’t been sleeping very well at night. He would doze off to slumberland for about 20 minutes at 9.30-10pm and later wake up until […]

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In Loving Memories – My LV Speedy 35

mummy and miki

I was going through my picture archive when I saw a few snapshots that we took in IKEA last year. Miki’s hair was still long, Rafa was a new born and I was carrying A BAG THAT WAS LATER STOLEN FROM ME! *meraong guling-guling tarik rambut sampai putus* MY BELOVED LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY 35. Oh […]

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Michaelangelo & Raphael visits “Sultan of Science” at Petrosains

sebastian magician

Last week I was invited to a media fam session at Petrosains with other parenting bloggers. They were having a new exhibition called the “Sultan of Science” that we have never been to. “Sultan of Science” explores the discoveries of Muslim scholars during the Golden Age of the Islamic world that has influenced modern society. […]

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Happy International Women’s Day 2013

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY to all my sistas, my girlfriends, my blog readers and even my haters, enjoy this song!     Ingatkan nak suruh siapa yang rasa boleh relate dengan lirik lagu ni angkat tangan tapi takut kang aku sorang je angkat, uols yang lain semua control cun. hahaha! Have a nice weekend ahead!

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