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Majlis Akikah dan Berendoi Prince Rafa

On 1st September 2012, Rafa had his first party! Yay!! Well at least that was what Miki called it. Actually we hosted the traditional Berendoi ceremony and slaughtered two goats for the feast ...

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The Food Porn

Come indulge yourself with daring chili hot, chocolate coated, mouth watering poses of chicken and fish in my food porn! Hahaha! Many-many moons ago I bought a fish. It is a ...

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Siri Bercakap Dengan Miki – Miki decided Daddy beli jagung jadi kaya!

My first baby Miki is 4 years and 9 months old in October 2012. He is 20 kilos and 113cm tall. His super curly hair is now just waves and ...

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Guess who is the Fisher-Price Parent Ambassador 2013?

  Me. *faints* Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently Fisher –Price Malaysia went on a hunt to find parents who appreciate innovative toys and let their children grow and learn through play. And ...

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Travelling in Germany - Natural History Museum at Berlin ( Museum für Naturkunde )

Read earlier entries on our road trip in Europe HERE. On our second day in Germany (25 May 2013),  Miki woke up at 4am in the morning ( approx. 10am Malaysian ...

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USA Vacation Day 1 – Tokyo the Amazing Metropolis

Family selfie inside NEX train

Before the trip, although I was really excited,  I was also anxious about flying for long hours with Rafa. He is just 1 year and 10 months old. Miki for sure won’t cause a problem, he is a cool kid like that but Rafa?I bet he will get bored of sitting after 5 minutes and […]

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Travel Is The Only Thing You Buy That Makes You Richer – Our Family Vacation in USA


Azman and I have always loved travelling and the farthest we have been together was last year to Europe. Before that we were caught between not having time, got pregnant, baby too small, broke takde duit, pregnant again, broke takde duit again, baby too small again etc. So after last year vacation that covered Germany, […]

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Tragedi Terlajak Mandi

rafa punggah

Several of weeks ago, Azman was away on business trip to US for about a fortnight. I was home alone with the two little boys battling a toddler’s daily tantrums and coaching a pre-schooler with his lessons. On top of that, the water supply was on and off every two days, now don’t get me […]

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Blogger Pemalas Yang Alzheimer


Semenjak tahun 2013 ada dua perubahan ketara di kepala aku iaitu pertama, rambut banyak uban dan keduanya kemerosotan memori yang ketara. Perubahan kedua adalah lebih membimbangkan sebab perubahan pertama senang saja nak sorok dengan inai mahupun tudung Fareeda. Sebenarnya bukan kemerosotan memori sahaja malahan aku juga macam bertambah bongok dan tak kreatif. Aku rasa ini […]

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Siri Bercakap dengan Miki – P is for Polonium or Phosphorus? – Questions my toddler asks


I knew it the moment Miki discovers what the AppStore has in store for him, we are doomed. We disabled the in-app purchase feature in our iPad but that won’t stop his annoying request after request after request after question “CAN WE DOWNLOAD THIS APP, MUMMY? DIA TULIS F.R.E.E… FREE!!”(repeat 10 million times) So I […]

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