8 tips on buying a used car

It always hard to find a used car because there’s just so much to check, from interior wear and tear to maintenance history. So here, I would like to share 8 tips on what to check when searching for used car. 1. Low mileage: Given the choice between two virtually identical cars with dissimilar mileage, […]

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And I haven’t Start Shopping for Raya…


Bought gradually since I was 4 months pregnant. Two or three are presents. Never been worn. Azman says I need not shop for Miki’s clothes this Hari Raya. He doesn’t understand these are from previous seasons.

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Prepare Yourself for the Unthinkable

About a year ago I was going through the statistic of this website and found something so insanely funny that I laughed so hard and uncontrollably; until Azman had to make me stop by stuffing my mouth with his socks. Until today I still cannot forget the hilarious search engine keyword and the smell of […]

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GPS plan to help blind

We already talked about GPS Tracking before. It is really nice to have it for your own safety and vehicle tracking. However, since I love this GPS gadget very much, I decide to come back with this hot topic. Previously I have embedded a Youtube video that explained how GPS helped solving a murder case […]

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Open Letter for My Son – Rock Steady Skinny Baby


Dear Miki, Ever since you were in my tummy you have always been a skinny baby. It started when you were about an 8 months fetus and the Doctor discover that your abdominal circumference is slightly behind your gestational age or in other words your abdomen didn’t seem to grow as rapidly and healthily as […]

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