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Project House – First Year Anniversary

15 June 2011 marked one full year of Diyanazman family living in our very own house. Time sure flies very fast. While we were in the process of purchasing and renovating the property last...


The Breakfast Nook

I am currently looking for stools for my breakfast nook. All these while we have never used this little built-in table once and I guess it is really meant to be for show. But...



Boy oh boy…. Moving house can be so freaking tiring. We rented the lorry service on Sunday, the two tonnes lorry look two trips to get our furniture to Chateau Diyanazman. We are so...


Chateau Diyanazman

Sorry if Azman and I cannot answer your texts or chat on the phone so much these days, we are extremely occupied. We are moving to Chateau Diyanazman. Cakap French nampak? Buekkkk… vomit blood!


Si Rambut Mop

The contractors are working on final touch ups at the house.Last night we have already moved several boxes, loads of clothing and a small couch all by ourselves and stuff them in the store...


The Kitchen

That is soon gonna be my favorite room in the whole house; is almost ready. I am so excited!