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A lazy Sunday afternoon at Starbucks in PJ… Azman with his routine of crowding his low-in-RAM VAIO with more dowloadings and Diyana with new eyebrow pencil!
Print 30 beautiful pictures that was taken last year!! Actually there is a benefit of the the price of a 4R digital is 60sen only compared to 80sen the last time we had our romantic shot printed last year!hehe!!
Suddenly, Azman stops his Hakka “ku mati!! ku mati!!” annoying sh*t and comes up with a brand new idea… A blog!!!! For the two of us… The blog of love… :p
And to prove that this blog is receives blessings from above..we got FREE grande latte… or is the blessing comes from Starbucks??
Off to dinner now at Kedai Kecik… later…

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  1. rashatie says:

    that’s great idea to have your own web since i cannot get tru your frenster’s blog…only now i can read all your post and your kerepek merepek in your blog….

  1. January 6, 2015

    […] This is the first entry in the year 2015. Yes I have been blogging since 2004,when I was in college, young, skinny and broke. Now I am working Mom of two, probably still skinny […]

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