Win, Lose & Draw ..Manchester United Is Champion Again !

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This week has been a really interesting week for all Manchester United fans. 3 different result gives all what Manchester United really want !!! Lose…Win..& Draw…

Lose :
First, they have been thrown out from Champions League after losing to AC Milan 0-3 at San Siro. This happens right after a superb comeback at Old Trafford by winning 3-2 just a week before that.

Win :
Then, on the weekend, they struggle to beat their closest neighbor 0-1 in Manchester derby match. And finally…

Draw :
Arsenal holds Chelsea 1-1 giving Manchester United their 9th championship in 15 seasons!

During the start of 2006/2007 season, Manchester United seems cautious to sign new players in strengthening the squad. My confidence in Manchester United battling for the title this year fades once Chelsea signs Ballack & Shevchenko while the only player Manchester United managed to get is Michael Carrick. At the same time, Manchester United also seems to be losing Cristiano Ronaldo to Barcelona.

Everybody was talking about Liverpool as the team to challenge Chelsea for this season’s title. However,I am thankful for Ryan Giggs’s superb form during the early season; he contributed in gaining the confidence of the whole squad and inspired Player of The Year, Cristiano Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney to shines from mid-season until the end!! Perfect combination between Rio Ferdinand & Vidic at the back and Scholes & Carrick in the midfield should be another key reason why Manchester United won this season title..!!
Not to forget, Sir Alex’s decision of bringing Henrik Larsson on loan when Manchester United was missing almost all their strikers is one of the best decision of the season!

For me, this is one of the best Manchester United championship ever because Sir Alex only began to develop this squad during the last 2 seasons with mostly young & unknown players…nobody knows who Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra, Park Ji Sung, Cristiano Ronaldo, Darren Flethcher, Gabriel Heinze and even Michael Carrick before they came to MU. Now, look at their impact on the game!!

To all Chelsea fans…especially Apeck, “Din”dier Drogba, Mat Metal, Mayol & Cok Man..sorry to spoil your appetite in soccer this season. Please don’t stop watching ESPN channel. FA Cup Final will still be around !! Don’t forget to spend another hundred millions pound next season to regain the title!

Lastly, Manchester United are the English Premier League Champions Again !!!

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manchester united premier league champion 2006/2007

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21 Responses

  1. KoRn says:

    wahh kesian to my fav. underrated player pak aji.. bertongkat. isk..

  2. Nize says:

    MU Champion… =)
    ya..Henrik Larsson dalam ingatan..!! mahu pun Celtic the Bhoys.. =P

  3. azman says:

    Mourinho are you listening,
    You’d better keep our trophy glistening;
    ‘Coz we’ll be back in May, to take it away,
    walking in a Fergie Wonderland!

  4. obeks says:

    nice piece of writing..walaupun aku dah tak tgk sport channel kat astro..since its been replaced by disney channel…har..har..

  5. essentric says:

    And it’s back at Old Trafford! Hoorah.

    Ouch, but poor Park!

    Tee hee hee. I liked the Fergie Wonderland song!

  6. Kak Iena says:

    yey!! hidup MU..huhu..(saper bukan penyokong…jgn marah haaa)..hehehe

  7. @peck says:

    Haha…ada gak OKU dlm squad MU. Takpe lah…dah 2 season berturut2 Chelsea juara liga, this season amiklah, amik. Next season senang2 je Chelsea rampas balik… Actually, MU fans still frustrated on losing very badly to AC Milan becoz they r so confidense to win at San Siro. That’s why they are trying to celebrate as much as possible in winning th league so as to forget the heartbreaking moments at Milan. Hehehe. Better luck next time becoz all u really need is luck! That’s all…

  8. tugie says:

    yeaaa.. Man U menang…

  9. azman says:

    Yaaa..betul tu apeck…
    next season belilah lagi sapa2 untuk rampas balik…
    the whole AC Milan squad should be better kot !!??hehehe

    at least MU came back from Milan as champion but how about chelsea??..lose in anfield and back as loser…hahahahaha…

  10. Diyana says:

    hampa duk gaduh ka?? huhuhu!

  11. azman says:

    Gaduh gaduh sayang..huahuaaahahahaaa

  12. Nize says:

    alah..apekk..sudah lahhh, dah kalah pun chelsea season nih..!! musim depan blom tentu lagi.. =P

  13. 13may says:


    AC Milan!!!

  14. kampung baru fc hangpa tak sokong ka hahaha

  15. kak lady says:

    Diyana…kak lady tak berapa minat bola…memang tak tengok…tapi tau lah nama2 kelab…nama2 pasukan..serta pemain2 dia…ehehehe…sebab anak kak lady Farhan diehard fan MU

  16. fariz says:

    Call me weird, but I don’t watch / play football. Yes I am a guy! Tapi entah? Dari skolah mmg tak main football.

    Mainly because semua orang kat skolah main football, so I macam, “hmph. semua orang main football, aku tak nak la.”

    So i main basketball pulak. And skang melekat kat dinding.

    Oh Diyana, salam dah kirim.. Su pun kirim salam balik.

  17. abe_beso says:

    weyyyyy…..KHALID JAMLUS bilaaa nk main kat EPL harharhar…..sorrrrryyy noooo out of topic….

  18. Diyana says:

    abe_beso ni mesti penyokong chelsea..tu pasal dia buat2 tukar topik…

    fariz, i know a few guys like u including my big brother…they are called the Footy Benchers (kaki bangku) hehe!
    do invite Su to visit our website too…ok…:)

    Kak Lady,
    Semoga anak lelaki Kak Lady,si Farhan tu tak jadi sefanatik budak Azman ni ha.. isk isk isk…fanatik sungguh dia terhadap MU… takleh tido malam dia sebab suka sangat MU menang…

  19. fariz says:

    Hehhe.. I’m not that much of a Footy Bencher.. I can play (though tak hebat lah) but I choose not too.

  20. bauk says:

    betul tul kak d.. abg man siap turunkan ilmu kipas susah matinye kepada anak didik dier bernamer faiz.. huhhuh…

  21. satit says:

    Benchers (kaki bangku) hehe!

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