Queen of the Boobs

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When Mrs Mother of Three asked my mom about the type of formula my baby is taking, my mother innocently answered, why Diyana breastfeeds her baby! Guess how Mother of Three responded to that. She questioned-

β€œ Banyak ke susu dia?”

Do you know now, Mother of Three, that whose boobies you are kidding here? Whose boobies you dare underestimate? How you got the nerve to ridicule the capabilities of MY boobies in producing these super nutritious creamy yummylicious DHA laden human juice!? How dare you!!

Miki was born 2.65kg and 4 weeks later he weighed 4.2kg. MY BOOBIES FINE!

P.S I hope her boobs sag to her knees! :p

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16 Responses

  1. Asroll yg pertama says:


  2. azealea says:

    “P.S I hope her boobs sag to her knees! :p”

    …where she can keep herself warm by wrapping it her neck during d raining season or maybe…choke herself with them!!

    good job Mommy D! -or should i say, good boobs,Mommy D!

    more Miki’s pics!!! more more more!

  3. Diyana says:

    Azealea…. Happy Boobies!!! Weeeee!!

  4. bani :* world peace says:

    glad that u r not in my office. i had enough trauma (every working day) by hanis khaleela’s mom putting her produce at my table since our office doesnt have refrigerator and my cubicle is 15 degrees celcius. now i’m an expert in DHA laden human juice. based from its color, i know wheter the producer ate healthy meal or not (source from the producer itself). and now i do know that the color is vary from totally white to cloudy white or pinkish white…..ya ya ya i’m sick and psycho too……

  5. Iena says:

    ahahahahaha…hi my beloved sista D..

    First of all…WELCOME BACK BEBEH!!! Miss u soooo much!!! Muah!! Muah!! Muah!!!

    Bak kata P Ramlee (iyer ker dia yg kata??)….persetankan dia!!! Boobies hang…dia nak amik tau tuh apsal?? dia takde boobies ker?? πŸ˜›

  6. kak lady says:

    Hahahaha…adoii!! Diyana ni buat lawak plak…kalau boobs dia sampai ke lutut…senang aje dia nak menyusukan anak dia tau…kalau anak kat belakang …sambil buat kerja just flip kan ke belakang…hahahaha

    Selamat menyusukan anak…mesti dah tembam dia sekarang…4.2kg eh?

  7. repulsivelyrina says:

    old fashioned ppl always think that way.. i think breast feeding prescribes to the well known economics rule of supply n demand.. for as long as there’s demand.. there will always be supply n vice versa.. heheheh

    i bet ur happy with ur voluptious figure now.. heheheh

  8. Well I’m afraid I need evidence that your boobies are fine.

    Pics of boobies pls (muahahahahahah)

  9. Yours Truly says:

    Would it be mean if I rolled on the floor laughing????

    I agree with Frankiensteina, I need evidence please!

    Abg Bani, I somewhat feel that it’s kind of gross that you have acquired all that newfound knowledge of yours πŸ™‚ but u’ll make a great dad one fine day

  10. Jie says:

    Don’t ever mess with a nursing mommie… hehehe πŸ™‚

    Still not too late for congrats, I hope. Great to see young mums like u choose the best way (breastfeeding) for ur babies. More pics of the Precious, pls!

    p/s – betcha Frankensteina’s suggestion will increase ur hits tenfold, haha!

  11. Am still waiting though *tap tap tap fingers* πŸ˜‰

    Or you can always show me your boobies in the surau when you come back πŸ˜€

  12. Diyana says:

    Hahaha… as much as I would love to share my fabulousness with the blogsphere, I am afraid this website is rate U (umum) haha!

  13. Nize says:

    emm..Miki si penghisap susu..!! =P

  14. Nize says:

    emm..Miki si penghisap susu..& jugak fear of the dark!! =P

  15. kawaii_desu says:

    bani??? tak kusangka hang amik tau sampai ke kaler dia…

    anyway, aku tak blh bayang kalau sag sampai lutut…
    patahla tula ng belakang kawqan tu

  16. rena says:

    yeah diyana…ure d queen!!no one can beat u yet!!hehehe….janji miki sihat n comel!!!

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