McDonalds Bandar Baru Bangi Sucks!!

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Last Thursday before work, I stopped by McDonalds Bandar Baru Bangi for a dose of eye opening caffeine and some extra calories to start the day off. Things at the office was not going so smoothly so I guessed I’d just order a take out and eat at my desk.

I ordered the Sausage McMuffin breakfast meal, that comes with a hash brown and coffee. It was 8 in morning and customers was flowing in but for some annoying reason there wasn’t any food that’s available immediately other than coffee.

The cashier asked me to take a seat and he would call me once my order is ready. I thought this was a fast food outlet? You see, waiting and fast, they just don’t go together. Anyhow, it was early in the morning and my patience battery was still fully charged.

So I waited.

And I read that stupid magazine with some yellow haired Chinese surfer dude on the cover.

Minutes later I looked up and everyone around me was munching on something. They came in after me! Patience battery goes down to 50%.

I walked to the counter and asked about my already-paid-for food. One chubby girl answered that my sausage is not ready yet and what’s everybody else was eating was McEgg that takes a really short time to make. I should say something to her but then again its against my rule to start a drama early in the morning.

I sat down again until they told me that my order was ready; looking at the time that was getting late, I grabbed my breakfast and rushed to the office.

With my tummy growling, I sat down in front of my notebook, grab my McDonalds Sausage McMuffin and I found this!!!! This!

McDonalds Breakfast


McDonalds Sausage McMuffin

This is not food! This is charcoal! Carbon! Black as night!

I almost screamed with anger! I was hungry, and I waited so long for the food and this was what I got? Who was that bloody idiot McDonalds hired behind the grill? Would you let me stuff this burnt sandwich in his mouth,please! What happened to quality control? If its black as your black-black heart, JUST THROW IT AWAY!!! Nobody can eat this!!

I ached so badly to drive back from Putrajaya to Bandar Baru Bangi so that I can throw this ridiculous black piece of junk on the store manager’s face and I was so sorry the work at the office that was piling up didn’t permit me to do so.


McDonalds Bandar Baru Bangi especially, they are often really slow but burnt food? I cannot forgive that! No way!

So you guys reading this, when buying take out from McD Bandar Baru Bangi, take a peek of your food before leaving or better still don’t go there at all. Save you from lots of annoyance and money.

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41 Responses

  1. hanis says:

    goshh! teruknye!

    so in the end macam mana? did u eat it? or complaint to the manager? i think u should tunjuk sikit marah.

    i have a similar case, where my scone tak masak! i suruh je dorg refund their money. sib baik bole. huhu

  2. Diyana says:

    I tak complain sebab jauh giler nak pergi Bangi balik… masatu I dah kat office n banyak keja lak tu…

    I think I am going to send an email to McD la… hhuuhu

  3. anis says:

    betul tu kat diorg..
    suruh diorg bayar balik dengan belanja satu office gitu..

  4. nize says:

    erkk..ahhhh!! tidakk..itu adalah arang batu tu diyana..,bukan burger! dan burger juga dikenali sebagai makanan paling gembira iaitu ‘burgembira’..!!
    emm..emm.. kepeh kepeh kepeh =P

  5. bani :* world peace says:

    hang simpan gambaq n resit pastu hang tunjuk balik kat McD. kalau nak buat kecoh, ajak la aku..heh heh heh

  6. man!! that is gross!! kesian kat hang! if it was me id keep the burger n travel there the next morning throw the burger at their face.. by then the burger would’ve been basi or berkulat on top of being black.. which would make it even more gross.. hehehehe.. baru best.. sorry i can be so disgusting at times.

  7. rafidah ahmad says:


    damn! what kind of burger wuz that? this bangi McD ni, u kena ban 4ever…heheh….so come to Shah Alam McD in Sek 3, so far it never fails me..hehehhe

  8. dona says:


    nasib baik u were not pregnant! kalau yes, mesti u dah drive balik and burn the idiot!

    kalau i jadi you, i would have called them, and drop by on the way home to show them the stoopid burnt charcoal.

    but then again, its just the drama queen in me.

  9. eintanz says:

    oh my goddd!!!! nobody mess with akak’s food okayy. kalau i lah dapat macam tu di kala perut tengah kriuk kriuk and kerja yang bergelimpangan di depan mata…hmm ntahlah apa yg akan terjadi. tsk tsk tsk yes di, you should write to them. i trust your words will make their eyes bleed or at least rip their hearts into pieces. probably make them suffer through out the days..cant even make another decent burger. thats what should happen to orang yang buat naya kat breakfast orang lain!!! jahatnyaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. oh man..that’s terrible!!! should send an email to McD with the photos attached.

  11. Ah-ku-ni says:

    Diyana, mesti kena tulis email kat dia org + gmbr tu sekali. Kalau kat website dia org tu pun kat feedback column dia suruh kita tulis happy moment kat mcD, abih tu angry moment kena simpan sendiri ke?

  12. yuzmin says:

    diyana, i ada story nak tell you.. hehe. my boss went to mcd, ordered food, and guna laptop, and guna the power point seblah meja dia. and tetiba from jauh, one of the workers tengah mop lantai, screamed at my boss saying he’s not supposed to use the power point. he was screaming from afar rudely! so my boss screamed back lar, go and call your manager. and the manager did the same thing! he screamed from afar rudely, telling my boss that he’s not supposed to use the power point.

    point 1: kalau takleh guna pun, bagitaula elokelok kan.

    so my boss bengang, sempat took their pics using his handphone, sent out an email to mcd malaysia and mcd global, complaining about the 2 staff. my boss demanded an apology and if not, he will sebarkan through internet.. and you know what wonders the internet can do.

    point 2: banyak orang takut kat benda internet ni. hehe.

    so then mcd sent an apology and etc etc.. and they lived happily ever after.

    lepas my boss crita kat i, i tanyala my boss.. napa tak mintak free mcd for a year ke apa ke. and my boss lupa! apala!

    point 3: complainla diyana. and demand free mcd! 🙂

  13. Diyana says:

    I have sent a complaint to McD. See what are they gonna answer. Stupid idiot fry cook! Even Spongebob would have just dispose that burnt burger!

  14. abah kau says:

    memang patutpun…….untuk orang bangang macam kau

  15. Diyana says:

    abah kau,
    marah nampak? awak kerja kat McD Bangi eh? awak ke yg buat burger hangit tu? hihihihi

  16. honeys says:

    abah kau- i think is either u keje mc d or “abah kau” (your abah) yang keje mc d! muahahaha

  17. zakiah says:

    Diana, i totally understand ur anger..but u shud email mcd.. theyre responsive.. sbb dlu i penah email mcd kate kenape kawasan i takde delivery walaupun dekat ngn cawangan mcd..then they called the next day n explain why.. so thats one channel..lagipun u ade gamba2 tuh.. lg best boleh submit skali..

    then second channel thru then klik katt efiling.. ni i takpenah try so tatau responsive tak.. website ni i tau sbb aritu derang promote kat iklan b4 movie.. then i bookmark kt mozilla so sape2 kedai yg bersikap biadap lepas ni siap la kene complain. hauahahahah


  18. Diyana says:

    I have emailed McD and got an apologetic response from the restaurant manager on that very afternoon. they are willing compensate me…
    hmm lets see…

  19. kawaii_desu says:

    diyana, sapa abah kau tu??
    bahasa cam org tepi longkang saja

    anyway, satu hal la aku tengok hang kupas2 the rentong part…

    eintanz was rite no one mess with my meal huhu

  20. minah says:

    hey di, baru baca your entry nih.

    eeyauu, so teruk aa some kitchen people can be. if im in kl at that time, aku bleh ja drive you all the way most willingly (like your other friends-hahah) just to make that ninkompoop fellas (the cook and the one who bungkus the food or perhaps the manager him/herself, ntah2 dia ada situ) makan balik apa dia serve kat org…….

    so mcd gave you an apology? hmpf, whats really in the value of their apologies? esp, nowadays? maybe a six months or a year of free breakfasts is enough to make some people shut up their mouths….well, some r totally fine with that. good for them.

    but kalau me, id mintak somebody to be fired within 24 hrs, with the reason being simply

    1) mcds an international fast food chain/ rest. they have well established standards. mcd nih dah mula jadik kopitiam tepi jalan ja ka, that they can accept such people working for them. kalau ya, well, that explains. nuff said.

    2) who knows what those imbeciles had been cooking and serving ‘mc rentong’ tutup mata sebelah for many others with only sebilangan ja brave enough peeps, like you, to confront, em.

    3) at least, if i didnt get one fired, i would have created a spectacle just enough to ‘educate’ some idiotics, that this is the food industry you’re working in, where you live on bagi org makan bende ‘supposedly’ elok. not cincai2, ikut mood bangun pagi hang nak masak sedap2 ke idak, ari nih rasa nak taruk a smiley sos tomato ke idak, pickles boh elok2 on the side….

    seigt aku di, you’re the type who takes your food very seriously (me too). so its good to see you’re still keeping calm di. or so it appears from here. apa2 pun. aku sokong hg di! =)

  21. kiki says:

    hye diyana..
    how to make a complaint kt mcd tu yer??
    just now i went to mcd at PUCHONG..n i wanna make a complaint about their rude staffs..they serve the me in very rude way..
    tu yg geram tuh..
    hope u can share with me..

  22. Diyana says:

    Hi Kiki,
    You pergi kat website McD tu… kat bawah ada link kecik je – Just Tell Us…
    Tulis la komen panjang2 kat situ…

    McD Puchong yang dekat Tesco tu ke?? McD punya service quality mmg teruk la skrg….

  23. mental tortured says:

    Not McD bangi je la yg sucks!the whole environment in bangi sucks..the places,services,the people and so many things la..ive stayed in bangi before, and i dont have the desire to mix around with the ppl there (thats y im a snob to them)…Bangi would be the last place on earth that i wanna spend my life forever…..Bangi sucks!Bangi sucks!!

  24. mental tortured says:

    Not McD bangi je la yg sucks!the whole environment in bangi sucks..the places,services,the people and so many things la..ive stayed in bangi before, and i dont have the desire to mix around with the ppl there (thats y i’m a snob to them)…
    Bangi would be the last place on earth that i wanna spend my life forever…..
    Bangi sucks!Bangi sucks!

  25. Paragoniac says:

    Puke! that ain’t look right. you should complaint to consumer affairs. Sue the whole company for compensation due to the lost of time, insulting service, breach of contract and unintentional food poisoning possibility. Plus you ask for a lifetime supply of sausage mcmuffin breakfast meal for every single day.

  26. yus says:

    diyana ape nama email mcdonalds saya pun nak complaint

  27. Diyana says:

    Yus, takde email, pergi dekat website McD, ada link Just Tell Us… kat situ ada e-borang… isilah.. hope helps!

  28. buzzeer says:

    my dear, based on my experiences working as a partime crew member in one of the most popular fast food restaurant(pizza hut) in Malaysia, honestly, i know that u’re that mad.But please dont blame that to the McDonald restaurant entirely, actually i’m sure that restaurant have their own rules and regulation on how to prepare the foods accordingly to their standard, They DO OWN U AN APOLOGY i agreed..but in my opinion, as u come to that restaurant just 5 days after it started, perhaps the crew there was still in training and the restaurant have a prob of lacking the manpower there, which meaning the staff or crew there have been working more than 10 to 16 hours nonstop!!!I’d been in that situation dear..and human do makes mistakes!!!and unfortunately u’re the customer whom got that kind of mistakes from the poor staff that was too tired and exhausted!!! Perhaps the staff are didnt notice the mistake, with not enough sleep and etc..u’ll only understand this situation if u’ve been humble and try to work at those types of restaurants.I’m sorry to hear that u’ve been getting too annoyed about this. But this not the way to critize that restaurant simply becoz of this matter. yes, u should log the complaint, do it dear.But dont wrote something that makes people’s think that McD is that BAD!!!gosh man, if u have a bussiness u too wanna ur customers and consumers make a complain in the decent way, dont give the wrong idea about McD to others people..its not good… I’m sure the restaurant will certainly apologise to u for their mistakes. ..anyway, i’ve already bought my drivethru meals there and eat at that place too, and its have a nice and good service there.(^^,)..hope ur temper will cool down once u goes there again and find that the service are great!!!wish u luck!!!

  29. Diyana says:

    You have commented based on your experience working as a part time crew. I respect that. I wrote based on my role in F&B business value chain; a very fundamental role called A CONSUMER. For your information, just because you google this page today, it doesn’t mean that the entry was written today. Read carefully next time. I bought the burnt burger way before the new McD in Bangi was opened, it was from the old restaurant near Warta. Based on MY EXPERIENCE WORKING AT MCDONALDS, product with such quality must be disposed, and a newbie must not be stationed behind the grill. They should be doing Lobby or something else.
    To tell a blogger what should and should not be written in her website is childish. As a blogger it is my prerogative to write whatever my heart desire.
    If you are the restaurant owner or perhaps your father is; you must look at bloggers like me as your free Mystery Shopper, take up the challenge and improve your product and services. With your experience in the business, I am sure you know what a Mystery Shopper is.
    If I have a business and found out that my valued customer have been treated this way, I will definitely blog about how I give my kitchen crew a piece of my mind, not diss the complainer.

  30. Anne says:

    Better u complaint thru newspaper…and let they know that consumers have their right!!!!! And makesure dun forget to BOLD McD BANDAR BARU BANGI..

  31. Diyana says:

    Anne.. hehe. i am gonna do that next time this happen to me. thanks for your comment.. 🙂

  32. zarul666 says:

    hahaha…’i tak suka yang well done’…

  33. vioxin says:

    i’m with mental tortured, bangi sucks big time! the driver there are exeptionally rude. i’ve been driving to a lot of place and the worst drivers that i’ve encountered is in bangi. i just hated driving in bangi.

  34. I agree…Bangi McD really sucks donkeys arse. Last night at about 2.45 am, i went to get meeself a Prosperity Burger Meal and some nuggets.

    Guess what…i took my order home and they forgot the freakin nuggets. This is the second time this has happened.

    Check your purchases before you leave folks….

  35. Diyana says:

    The Angry Man, oh boy!!! i’d be furious too if I were you because those food have been paid for… what did you do about the whole screwed-up?

  36. well it was 3am in the morning…so i just let it go… takde rezeki la tu…

  37. I am angry says:

    Hey diyana,

    I got a story myself. It happened just now. I ordered thru their delivery service. Gave them my name, hp no and house address, After 45 min i got a call from Gombak outlet informing me, outlet tu tak cover my area. Lepas 45 min baru nak cakap. Masa tu dah bengang but i sabar lagi. The staff said, they will transfer the order to Sri gombak outlet, which is actually lagi jauh fm my housing area.

    Lepas 50 min baru i dpt i punye burger. I membebel at the delivery boy and he has the nerve to say ” sy baru je keluar”. I suruh dia tgk delievry order i kul berapa, dia dgn muka bengang ckp 8.36 pm. I received my delivery at 9.25 pm. Byk la dia punye baru keluar. I am going to complain about this is in the media. Halloooooo is fast is suppose to be fast and 2 hours is way too long to wait for a meal.

  38. jen says:

    i think you can share your case @
    share with more people and hear what they said…

  39. J says:

    I wouldnt blame the person on the grill, blame the person who didn’t set the bun toaster at it’s correct mode, the put together your sandwich people.

  40. bangi says:

    bangi is awesome.
    i have driven to a lot of places, and drivers are the worst in bangi?
    load of crap. maybe you drive like a fucktard?

    and mental torture, you dont mix around with people. believe me, wherever you go, if you keep with that trait, you will, i guarantee you, be a SNOB. mix with people, SMILE and you’ll find out that wherever you land, be it your native land in the Togo Republic, or “god forsaken” place like Bangi, people will be friendly with you.

    haha stupid fucker thinks people actually wants to be friends with him. GET A LIFE

  41. Muhamad Azri Bin Sulaiman says:

    asalamualaikum..saya disini inginn mencari keje part time mcd di kawasan bandar baru bangi..kalau ade kosong jngn lupe bgtaw yaa..sekian terima kasihh

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