Places To Eat That I Wanna Go Again – Langkawi

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When I was in Langkawi last year I got the chance to have a late breakfast at Tun Mahathir’s Japanese bakery and bistro, The Loaf. Situated at Telaga Harbour Park, Pantai Kok, The Loaf is so freaking awesome! The location is simply perfect; the scenery gorgeous; the food fantastic!

The other thing that makes me remember my dining experience there was the music that was playing. It was a nostalgic refreshing fusion of both local and international song; so lovely to the ears that my friend actually asked the waiter where did he get the cd.

The waiter had replied in a rather thick Langkawi accent; that the other waiter had made the cd himself. Well, sorry dear Tun, I didn’t mean to disclose the fact that your bakery plays pirated cds but whatta hell at least the songs were great!

I cant remember the name of the sandwich that I ate. It was huge and delicious. Served with crisp salad. I was 4 months pregnant and I finished everything up. Not that the pregnancy had influenced the appetite though.

There is another The Loaf in KL but it is right in heart of the city and I hate going to the area. So till I go to Langkawi again or till someone wanna gimme a treat at The Loaf KL; Tun Mahathir’s bakery on the paradise island is still in my list of nice dining place to re-visit.

Sandwich The Loaf bakery Tun Dr Mahathir Langkawi delicious food

Sandwich The Loaf bakery Tun Dr Mahathir Langkawi delicious food

Sandwich The Loaf bakery Tun Dr Mahathir Langkawi delicious food

By the way, as I don’t go back to bed after sahur everyday, I was thinking about breaking my own personal record and spend 15 minutes to update this blog EVERYDAY ( gasp!). Bukan apa, I know you guys are not in the mood of working already having it is the last week before Raya; so you guys can have something to read lah.. hehe

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14 Responses

  1. den says:

    hang buat aku telioq je…. kat sini dah la x dpt makan sandwich halal!!!! huaa!!!!

  2. bani :* world peace says:

    den, sandwich subway depan opis aku je den. kalau nak beli hari hari pun bole. segar, sedap dan halal den. mari la den, mari la datang opis aku den. semalamkan den, aku gi pasar ramadhan, banyak kuih tepung pelita i tell u…

  3. Nize says:

    wahhh..bestnye roti sandwich tuuu!! meleleh air liur ni.. =P

  4. Diyana says:

    Den, buat sendiri ler bukan susah pon… Ko kan pandai masak… eh aku lupa mak ko yg pandai masak bukan ko.. hehehehe..
    Pe kelas Subway…
    Nize, eeiii… air liur meleleh macam Cimiki nak tumbuh gigi…

  5. yuzmin says:

    babes, jom pi loaf. i loooooovveee going to loaf. aduh baru kul 1030am. camna nak puasa kalau i’m already drooling thinking of sandwiches and food at the loaf?? :p

  6. nazroll says:


  7. mom2que says:

    hmm apa lg food yg best dekat langkawi? seriously seeing that i soo wanna go langkawi Now but takkan for that je kot? apa lg yg best?

  8. yatie says:

    goshh!!…hg bt aku x sabaq nk bukak posa nih!….sabo je la diyana ooiii…~~

  9. Diyana says:

    Nazroll, sorry…
    Min,the food is awesome isnt it?? i havent been and not planning to go to KL branch because of the location..but kalau u nak belanja i akan sampai je sana.. hehe
    Yatie, jangan tenung gambaq tu lama2…. hehe
    There are a few more, i will blog about them in my coming posts…

  10. mimielola says:

    Oh tell me about all (The Loaf & Not-going-back-to-bed-after-sahur) of them! I got to know The Loaf from Pavilion<– I know, thank you.
    I don’t go to sleep after sahur because…… I’m afraid that I’ll late for work!

  11. rafidah ahmad says:

    babe! memang the loaf kat langkawi rocks!!!! aku pun nak pegi sana lagik kalau pi langkawi….aku siap ambik gambo tu dalam the loaf..sebab admire tun det punya pasal…jadik jakun pun takpe laaaaa

  12. oh the food certainly looks yummylicious. i tried to go to the one at Pavillion once but it was packed!!!! must really make a trip to that part of the city again. i can’t resist seeing all those delicious sandwiches and burgers 🙂

  13. Box says:

    I hate Langkawi. It’s a beautiful island but it’s so dirty. What a shame. Everywhere you go there are shacks with no proper aircon. It’s so hot and sticky and there are many street lights which are not working.

  14. asas says:


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