Do Not Cook When Your Kid Is Screaming

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I was cooking dinner last night with full enthusiasm. Sleeves rolled up my arms, sweat dripping from my forehead. To the floor ye kawan-kawan not into the food. I just got back from the office and straight away into the kitchen. Armed with the knife I was practically bersilat on the chopping board and looked like the leek was winning the battle.

Err.. I sound like I was cooking for all the Hobbits at the Shire now don’t I? Actually I was cooking for Azman only, haha! I wanted to make Ayam Masak Kurma but he said there is too much gravy in that and he would prefer the usual stir fried mixed vegetables.

No wonder I lack practice! Can you tell who is to be blamed for my culinary skills that gone nowhere from beginner to advancing beginner? Syed Bistro of course, their Bukhara Briyani is simply awesome!

Anyway as I was quite done with Marmite Beef with Soy Sauce and Tomatoes ( Daging Masak Kicap dengan Marmite dan Tomato lah!), Miki has started to bawl. He was in the living room and all his toys was strewn across the floor. I would be amazed if he would wanna play with them for he would rather spend quality time with the DVD, TV and the ASTRO decoder. By switching them on and off, on and off.

Miki has started to cruise ( meniti I think in Malay) and sometimes when he came to the end of the furniture he didnt know where else to go so he would cry till someone came to move him away. Last night was one of those annoying times.

I scooped my beef away from the stove, attend to the little screaming kid and then rush back to the kitchen.I switched back the fire and get my stir fried vege going. First saute the shallots and garlic then add in some chicken bits before the leeks, pathetically skinny Cameron Highlands asparagus and fresh mushroom. Add some chicken stok and sugar – AJINOMOTO is a NO NO!

And then…

You all thought I blown up my stove didnt you?

No, I was just wondering why the gravy looked so dark.

Then I realized that I used the same wok that I used to make the Marmite beef. Without washing it. Bummer. My vege had tasted slightly bitterish. Ughh! Dont worry noone get poisoned. And the vege was eaten to the last bit but now I wonder if I would ever move on from advancing beginner. Hmm..

Stir Fried Vegetables and Marmite Beef

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8 Responses

  1. Kak Anie says:

    Diyana…memang azman patut dipersalahkan kalau diyana tak terer lagi memasak…tapi…

    mmg….nasi briyani bukhari Syed Bistro tu marbeles…Yummy…

    Psst…takpelah sayur tu pahit sikit…asalkan rupanya menggoda….heheheh

  2. anis says:

    nampak sedap jgk u masak..tak sangka tu hasil kerja tangan u..hehe

  3. Diyana says:

    hampehs la ko anis… hahahaah!!!
    Kak Anie,
    Memang boleh makan la sayur tu just rasa lain sket sebab tak basuh kuali… hahahaha….. Kalau kak Anie nak gi makan nasik briyani ajak la saye skali… ehehe

  4. eintanz says:

    wahh still nampak sedap. u ni supermom la babe, dah la ada hot bod, pandai jaga anak, terrer masak plak..bravo bravo!

  5. nidda says:

    ok ar tu….janji x ader yg kena food-poisoning dah…hehehe tp aku rs level ko dah up dah…ni dah cam kedai mkn dah…main msk jer…mana ader bsh2…hehehe

  6. mimielola says:

    Same here, no ajinomoto! Never!

  7. bani hensem? says:

    dear miki,
    kalau hang nak nanges atau buat perangai, tolong la jgn masa mak hang tengah masak. dikhuatiri nanti hang akan menjadi sebahagian dari perencah masakan mak hang.

    by the way miki, bila la mak hang nak masak utk aku……cakap saja tarak guna kan kan kan

  8. Scheel says:

    nice blog and post

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