16 Things You Are Forced to Know About Me

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For the last couple of nights I have had trouble sleeping. The image of Belle creeping behind me at my cubicle in the loo office had been causing me to toss and turn, elbowing Azman’s nose and sending the baby rolling off the bed.

Sometimes she would creep slowly behind me, squeezing my shoulder, leaning close to my ear and whispers eerily “Ooo… Ko main Facebook masa kerja ye?” I would wake up trembling with cold sweat.

But most of the times, Belle’s face would materialize as a screensaver, suddenly replacing my word processor on the computer and shrieks on top of her lungs “Ko dah kena tagged!” I leaped awake from my sleep and screamed “I will do the tag! I will do the tag! Just don’t kill me!”

Then Azman slapped me and I went back to sleep.

Tagged (16 Things You’re Force To Know About Me!)

1. My name is Diyana Yang Abdul Razak

2. When I was in kindergarten (Tadika Islam Kuala Kangsar, school of 1988) I represented my tadika to a Perak state level story-telling competition. I won third or second prize, I can’t remember but the news was reported in the newspaper. I still keep the cuttings somewhere, it was the first time my name make it big on the papers and I was announced as Diyana binti Yang Abdul RASYID!  Bila pulak Pak Rashid jadi bapak aku??? Huaaaa!

3. When I was a first year student in University Malaya (MU), I met my good friend Maizirah. If you think I can talk non stop, you should meet her, she talks no-need-to-breath-kinda non stop. She is so cool. I miss her. Anyway, as we talked we found out that we have been competing with each other in the Perak state level Story Telling competition, 13 years back. She represented Teluk Intan and myself, Kuala Kangsar. Talk about a small world we are living in. Moral of the story, if you can do public speaking at 6, there is a possibility you will end up in a good university. Hehe..

4. My first crush was Jordan Knight from New Kids On The Block.

5. I imagine my idol the legendary, Piah Zadora as Kiah Propa from the sitcom Geletek on TV9. I read her blog but having a hard time catching up with who are the bloggers she was talking about.

6. I only have one boyfriend in my whole life, now he is the father of my son. Jordan Knight, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Ashton Kutcher don’t count. They didn’t bribe my mom expensive pearl brooches.

7. During one of the semester breaks, I went with my best friends, Julia, Sabrina and Badriyah to Lata Bukit Hijau, Kulim for a picnic. I took a wrong step, fell into a bottomless pit and pushed down by the momentum of the waterfall. The current was too strong. I couldn’t pull my way out. No air. I was drowning. I struggled with all my might but I could feel my body weakened with every breath that I couldn’t take. Suddenly it all turned black. I felt myself falling deeper and deeper. My body couldn’t seem to fight for its life anymore. I found myself astonished… So this is how my life ends… I knew then that I was going to die. Then suddenly silhouette of a man appeared before me. I remember he wore a red shirt. He swam towards me and took hold of me. My oxygen-deprived brain deciphered the image as my then boyfriend, Azman, who was actually hundreds of kilometers away. The man carried me out of the water, passed my lifeless body to my friends and went away. I gained conscious a few minutes later. I can’t remember his face. I didn’t get a chance to say thank you to the man who saved my life.

8. There is a man out there that I owe my life to. I owe him the world of gratitude but I do not know him. I am sure he doesn’t know me too. If you are reading this, o kind man who saved a girl in the waterfall in 2001, do contact me. I think I want to marry you off with my sister Shanaz. Or my friend Bani. Take your pick. Semoga Allah SWT melimpahkan rahmat kepadamu…

Writing about my drowning is emotionally exhausting. Belle, I will continue with the next 8 facts next time……

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21 Responses

  1. ayaq says:

    waheyy i read PZ too. hehe.

    Shanu sanggupkah kau mengahwini penyelamat kakakmu ittew???

  2. shanananana says:

    ni sapa yg bg kebenaran suh letak link aku ni hah.. kalo penyelamat ko tuh adalah jastin timbelek atau channing tatum takpala.. kang buat nye usman kering ke sape ke kang.. die jatuh cinte ngan aku nanti sape yg susah.. aku jugak yg susah..

  3. hey, you orang Perak? Yay!!!!!!! Thank God that the good samaritan saved your life. Otherwise we won’t be able get to know how crazy and funny you are….hehehehehe

  4. bani hensem? says:

    penyelamat diyana kalau jatuh hati kat hang shanu takpe la jugak…kalau dia jatuh hati kat aku mcmana? aku pass kat nize la suruh take over

  5. shanananana says:

    pasepa plak sang lamri kena cover hang. hang kena la terima dengan sepenuh hati. lagipun kan hang nk belajaq berenang?

  6. bani hensem? says:

    sang lamri kan penyelamat segala hidupan di muka bumi. aku dah terer berenang lalalala

  7. Nize says:

    sadap yu..!! aku rasa shanu saja yang layak di kahwini oleh lelaki itu…kerana ia mempunyai ciri-ciri ke’hero’an seperti sang lamri yang sedikit bijak itu..
    bani(sang buaya)…hang tidak perlu blajaq berenang sebab spesis hang memang sudah pandai berenang!! =P kepeh kepeh kepeh

  8. iena says:

    Cik Puan D, hang tak penah citer pon. masa tuh still kat UM kan? uhuhuhu
    Baik sungguh hati mamat tuh. May GOD bless him with all the good things in life!!

    P/S: Mana gambar kat langkawi?

  9. akuni says:

    Huh… dan terpaksalah baca 8 perkara ini dan nak kena tunggu 8 perkara lagi… adakah org kuale kangsar mmg byk+pandai berckp belake-belake?

  10. bani hensem? says:

    akuni, adalah dinasihatkan agar jangan melayan sangat si diyana ini. kalau hang nak tau more pasal diyana. hang gi baca kisah sang kelembai. kisah diyana lebih kurang mcm kisah sang kelembai

  11. Diyana says:

    Mommy to Chumsy,
    Yes stayed with my Atok in Kuala Kangsar until I was 12 years old. Where are you from????
    Kak Iena, daku sudah terlupa akan gambarmu itu. I will email it soon..
    Akuni, iyele gamaknya orghang Kuale memang ropi ni mulutnye…ate mike pon orghang Kuale ke? bukanke mike org Perleh?
    Bani aku sumpah ko jd batu kapur..

  12. shanananana says:

    hahahahaha diyana a.k.a sang kelembai kakakakakaka
    lawak malam ini

  13. bani hensem? says:

    hang sumpah aku jadi batu kapur? tak mo la…sumpah la aku jadi shashi kapoor

  14. shanananana says:

    sumpah la die jadik batu akuarium.. warna warni skit

  15. bani hensem? says:

    dari sumpah aku jadi batu akuarium, baik sumpah aku jadi batu tongkat kaki peti ais. ada gak jasanya

  16. Diyana says:

    batu nisan tak mau?

  17. raihan says:

    oiii anda pun antu belle? heheheh saya sudah terperangkap di dalam hole. tak leh kuar. apa benda tak leh buat selagi tak abis baca all the series…and to think i am more than a decade older from the characters…

  18. bani hensem? says:

    batu nisan tak mau la, tapi nissan grand livina nak la jugak

  19. Nize says:

    aku sumpah hang bani jadi batu ladung..!! =P
    puas hati aku..

  20. akuni says:

    Diyana, betoi ler tu orang perleh, kawan baik teman masa sekolah dulu org kuale…

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