My Baby’s First Birthday Party

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Luth Mikael Azman’s first birthday bash was held on 17 January 2009 at McDonalds in Sec 14, Petaling Jaya, the exact day that he turned big handsome one! We had invited close friends and family only and almost all made it to the party, hooray!!

First Birthday Party

I have been taking forever to write about this special party simply because they are so many pretty pictures and I simply cannot choose which ones to be uploaded to this website.

During his big day, our precious little baby had a fever and as you can see he hardly smile. It was really heartbreaking when I look at his photos and know that is not the real Miki, the one that is usually very cheerful and giggly. But lets look at the bright side, he didn’t get all cranky and crying, not at all! Even though he was suffering from a very high temperature, he was still trying to have fun and managed to look cute even without smiles. :p

Birthday Boy

The party was indeed fun! I believe all the kids had a great time with all the games and presents from McDonalds.

the birthday party

This is the aftermath of candle blowing session! I had a custom made Strawberry Chocolate Cake from Secret Recipe that was simply devine. Miki’s image on the cake was too pretty, the party manager tak sampai hati nak potong! Before that when I was picking up the cake from Secret Recipe, the waitress had actually asked if she could keep Miki’s photo instead of returning it back to me because he was TOO CUTE! I said no! hehe Sorry!

Baby's 1st birthday cake

I put on a lot of smiles but I was actually worried sick about my baby. Fine time you choose to get a fever, Miki!

Mummy and Daddy

our family

Our family!

Birthday Party McDonalds

These are Miki’s friends. We all would like to thank everyone who took the trouble to come to the insanely crowded Sec 14 for Miki’s party. Especially Lina Kamal and Dr Heazar yang tak reti jalan! heheh! Also thanks so much for all the expensive presents you guys gave Miki. I am disappointed there are non for me.

Mikael's Friends

family and friends

Thank you for coming to Miki’s first birthday party!

UPDATE : The cake, the photos, the whole party was sponsored by’s Google Adsense payment for the month of December 2008. Thank you Adsense and thank you to all visitors! Keep on visiting!

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23 Responses

  1. bani hensem? says:

    apsal gambar nize takde dlm collage miki’s fren. bukan ke nize sebaya dgn miki?

  2. den says:

    aku nak makan kek tu!!!!! nyam..nyamnyer…..

    hepi besday miki…. mummy mea miss ur cekodok nose (why la u didnt get ur daddy’s nose)!!!!

  3. bani hensem? says:

    kan kan kan den…..

  4. mimielola says:

    Oh, hensemnya Miki….

  5. Diyana says:

    Bani, nize tak join sebab bukan Geng Bas Sekolah Miki.. hehe
    Den, sedapkan kek tu? sungguh chocolaty ditambah strawberries yang chunky dan juicy… yummm…
    hehehe.. hidung Miki adalah cekodok kerana Miki terkenan kat hidung Bani masa aku peknan dulu… Bani perlu membayar gantirugi…
    Mimielola… thanks!

  6. nice photos and i love the family portrait and Miki’s cake πŸ˜€ i know how you feel about our kiddo being sick. Thank God he is all well now.

  7. bani hensem? says:

    weiii…aku punya idung walaupun versi cekodok tapi tinggi few cm dari idung hang aaaaa….aku nak mintak ganti rugi sbb hang cuba memfitnah aku dlm blog. ai don laik aaaa…ai tel yor bos nanti baru yu tau

  8. Diyana says:

    Mommy to Chumsy, yeah the cake is nice I am sure have tried it before… Miki got better only 2 days after that, sigh…
    Bani, pergi terjun lombong la ko…

  9. fatin says:

    too bad we cudnt make it!! bet it was so much fun!
    LOVE the family pic!!

    Miki is SO CUTE!!

  10. Diyana says:

    Fatin, thanks! hehe…
    Guys I am uploading more photos in my Facebook.. lets see who is gonna get tagged! hehe

  11. Nize says:

    emm emm…drebar bas geng bas sekolah tu adalah BANI..!! =P kepeh kepeh kepeh

  12. rafidah ahmad says:

    isk isk isk…aku nak gak rasa kek cekelat yang sedap itu…..


  13. eintanz says:

    miki looked so comey la. tak nampak sakit pun. anyway beb gambar miki atas cake tu sebijik saling tak tumpah mcm muka you eh. sejukkk

  14. ayaq says:

    saya mau kek!!! meriah sungguh party~

  15. Miza says:

    Happy Bday Miki!
    He’s so adorable la Di..geramnyaa tgk!

  16. ina says:

    sorry diyana tak dapat datang..miki tak nampak cam sakit pun..miki sangat hensem πŸ™‚
    kek tu nampak sangat yummy yummy..errr..takde simpan skit ke utk aku..dan kawan2 πŸ™‚

  17. Asroll says:

    Aku pun sori yee Dee Dee sebab aku leh pi. 2nd birthday bash aku pi tangkap gambaq skali na πŸ˜€

  18. nidda says:

    dee….miki, ur family, the cake and even the Ben 10 hat…everything is sooo cute!!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MIKI !!!

  19. dona says:

    happy birthday miki!!!! a tad bit confused…

    the birthday was in KFC ke MC Donalds?

    looks like KFC, but you mentioned that the gifts were from McDs…


    may Allah bless you, handsome boy!

  20. yasmin aka mamadanish says:

    Aunty dah pun bersiap2 nak ppi bestday miki,tapi abg danish demam hari tu… aunty tak jadi pi takut terjangkit kat miki.
    Kalau la aunty tau miki jua demam..sah aunty usung je abg danish pi bestday bash miki…so sama2 demam..heheh

    May Allah Bless you…

  21. Diyana says:

    Rafidah, pe kata kita pi Secret Recipe kat Giant Kinrara tu untuk makan kek ni… ko belanja lah aku… hehe
    Eintanz, hehehe… jgn kata Miki cam muka I slalu2… Azman jelezz!
    Ayaq, sedap woo kek tu.. tapi tak popular tak tau kenapa…
    Miza, thanks dear!! you take care wif your pregnancy wokeh?
    Ina, thanks for pressie! hehehe.. manada simpan kek… pekata ko buat kerja ko tu cepat kasik siap Friday ni jom makan kat Alamanda…
    Asroll, hang sangat merapu! mula2 hang invite diri sendiri pastu hang tak mai.. sib baik ada org lain tangkapkan gambaq.. thn depan datang bawak anak sendiri ok?
    Nidda, tima kasih!!! Birthday Aniq bila??? Buat la tema Ben10 nanti…
    Dona, hi babe, long time no hear from you… Its Mcdonalds la… kan ada M besau2 kat topi Miki tu.. hehehe.. thanks dear!!
    Yas, tgh hari tu masa nak pi McD baru start demam… drama sungguh la Miki tu… serba salah aku! anyway thanks for the puzzles yg amat berguna!!

  22. Fifi says:

    Hi Diana,

    If u don’t mind, bole x bg tau approx how much u spend for the bday party kt McD. My baby girl 1st birthday is coming up, so I tgh survey2 ni.
    Sorry ye if this question mcm bz body pulak, but i mmg tgh nk plan budget ni. U can email to me instead of giving ur reply in ur comment box if u rasa x comfortable nk let everyone knows abt it.
    Much thanks! πŸ™‚

  23. Diyana says:

    Hi Fifi,
    Malas la nak email I just answer here ok?
    McD ada package for children’s birthday – RM150 inclusive of 10 Happy Meals. dapat kad jemputan, party manager, hadiah untuk birthday child dan hadiah untuk bebudak lain etc

    Maksudnya RM150 untuk 10 orang budak2 lah. Orang dewasa order lain, harganya sama macam you makan McD hari2 tu la. So cost berlainan mengikut no. of guests.

    Kek dan lain2 tak termasuk. murah sajork! ehheehe

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