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Ever since my kid was only a couple of months old I have been getting many questions from my friends and blog readers on how I jaga badan or maintain my figure after childbirth. Somehow they think I am very slim and they want to be like me.

My standard answer is another question. “Are you sure you want to be like me?”

Ladies and gentlemen, especially those who know me from the blog, you might want to consider the fact that you have been seeing me in photos. And still photos are big fat liars. No, my pictures have not been edited or anything, you can still see my black heads in the size of Miki’s eyeballs on my nose. It is just that in pictures you can’t see me walk. And when you can’t see me walk, you don’t know how much I resemble a walking “palo del mapo”. No that is not how you describe Rihanna in Cuban; it means the sexy wooden holder of a mop. Batang mop. Faham? You also couldn’t tell that I lack valuable assets if I don’t tell you now. The truth is I am a big fat LOSER in the RARE department. Do you know that I have always wanted to slap Fergie every time she sings My Hump?

I figured by telling this they would realize that I am bad choice of a jaga badan mentor. But most of the times they still insist to know how I’d done it out of curiosity. The answer is very simple.


If you have been hanging around me you would notice that I eat like an oink oink. I eat A LOT. The truth is I only eat a lot when the food have been scrutinized and approved as exceptional by the distinguished panels of my ridiculously critical taste buds. I ONLY EAT DELICIOUS FOOD. I CANNOT AND I DO NOT FORCE MYSELF TO FINISH FOOD THAT MY TASTE BUDS CLASSIFY AS YUCKY.

I believe because of that, I don’t over eat. Because I don’t over eat, I don’t over bulge. I helps also that I happen to be one of those that loses weight easily. I can lose 2-3 kilo just because I don’t get enough sleep of 2-3 nights.

That is on diet. On past-natal care, it is a complicated story.

How many of us have heard “My mom says I must not drink so much water during my post-natal confinement but that’s not what my doctor says!”

In my case, I’d say sekeru what the doctor are saying AND I AM PANTANGING!!!

Right after birth of Miki I automatically launched my low fluid diet and get on the jamu ( traditional herbal supplement).  The jamu stopped after Miki contracted breastfeeding jaundice. I cut a big percentage of my drinking water intake during my confinement because that was how my mom and grandmothers did it. Ate a whole lot of ginger and turmeric, bathe in herbal water and I amazingly bertungku twice a day for 45 days. I drank strictly hot drinks only.

I pantang-ed on a lot of food, some I have lost my interest to eat them until now like guava and young coconut juice. I drank cold drinks after 3-4 months and carbonated sodas slightly later than that.

What I DID NOT do was WEAR A BENGKUNG (tummy binder). I was too uncomfortable for me and I found it difficult to bend and pick up my baby. I also didn’t wear the herbal masks (pupur or something they call it) and I also didn’t use PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL. Hahahahahahaha!!

I write this because many have asked and because I want to share. I am not saying my pantang regime is the right way or the best way to get your pre-baby body back and because it has worked for me, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you. Many beautiful women I know did not pantang at all and yet they are very slim and hot!

I on the other hand, opted for this strict pantang diet during my confinement despite being contradictive with modern medical practices due to my fear of prolapse of the uterus. Pantang is method used for centuries by the Malays to prevent such tragic end to a womanhood.

Kalau dah jatuh peranakan ko bawak kereta BMW 3.20i ke, C200 ke, bawak beg LV ke, PRADA ke, muka ko cantek macam Megan Fox ke…..  TAK ADA GUNANYA Y’ALL!!!! Mintak simpang!! Marilah kita bersama-sama menjaga badan! Toodles!

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