Open Letter to My Son – The Thomas Balloon and Ketupat Rendang

Dear Miki,

Mummy doesn’t want to miss a thing. Mummy doesn’t wanna forget. Mummy’s heart is full of love but Mummy is human too. Someday Mummy will be old.. Mummy will forget. It is breaking Mummy’s heart having to go to work every day and missing the moments meant to be spent with you. So Mummy will try to write everything down. About your mischief, about your wit, about your tantrum but all about you stealing our hearts. Mummy’s heart and Daddy’s heart. Mummy will write your stories.

Yesterday we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya after you and Daddy fetched me from my workplace at Mi***. You can say the name of my employer company very well although sometimes you forget and start saying the name that you create yourself inside your brain, like Mikoopow or Mipulapupudes. Like wth is that? But you have never forgotten where Daddy works though, Daddy works at Nonee! It’s ok baby, you are doing great! You are not even two yet and you can already memorize the company that pays better bonus.

At the food court in the mall, you saw balloons selling in abundance at the news stand. You wanted bayoon Thomas (Thomas the train balloon) which you already have one at home. I tried reasoning with you, telling you that you don’t need another that you already have. I swear to God you understand every word I said but you just refused to acknowledge it and pretend to be like a lil toddler who doesn’t understand what his momma say. In the end I gave up being reasonable and told you that

Duit takde macam mana nak beli? Miki ada duit?” (How are we going to buy that when we don’t have any money? Do you have any money?)

With that note you ran with all your might, all the way straight to Daddy who were seated at the table near the juice bar. You held one tiny cupped hand up to him and said, “Daddy, nak duit! Duit mana Daddy? Duit mana?” (Daddy, I want some money! Where’s the money, Daddy? Where’s money?)

Your startled old man then asked “Nak buat apa?” (What is it for?)

Nak bayoon Thomas!” then leaped to your Daddy’s side and started to pat his butt! You knew where he kept his wallet? You are dangerous, kid!

Even when your Daddy said no, you still ran back to the news stand and this time I gave in and told you that you can pick something else but not balloon. You picked a box of Matees (Smarties) and you were quite for awhile.

While you are enjoying your candy I went to get a plate of Lemang and Rendang Tok. Delicious! Hari Raya food has always been my favourite food!

The moment I put the plate down on the table you laughed out loud and exclaimed happily “Hahaha!! Ketupat rendang! Ketupat rendang!”

My jaw dropped and I exchanged glances with your Dad. How did you know that kid? After hari raya you have been fond of Anuar & Elina’s Hari Raya Song and kept asking me to sing it despite Syawal has long left us. I always thought that “ketupat rendang” is just a song to you like “Burung Kakak Tua” or “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. I didn’t know you knew it was food!

When did you learn that? You are so hilarious! We laughed so hard that day and my heart flowered.

I have so much that I want to write about you, son. Later when I have the time.. and before my mind forgets.. I will write more stories of you that make our heart flowered with happiness and joy.

I love you.

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