A Little Boy’s Eating Habit

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Salam Maulidur Rasul!

This is our lunch today, oven roast meatballs with gravy and French fries. Those fries was in fact, oven baked too so I am kinda pleased for being able to cut some fat in my family’s diet. Imagine how much cooking oil used if those potatoes were fried like we always do.

For garnishing I only shredded some carrots and celery mainly because that’s all I have in the fridge. While I was cooking, Miki already ate a handful of those vegetables.

roasted meatballs and fries

Yes, Miki is sorta s.t.r.a.n.g.e. He eats more vegetables than anything else. Cooked or raw.

I am writing this down today as an alibi, if ever Miki gets problems with p.i.m.p.l.e.s in his adolescence, it is definitely no way at all – Mummy’s fault. Mummy has managed to train you to eat vegetables when you are as young as one and a half years old and any skin problem that arise is simple because kau gatal the hormone.

I think I have written on how much Miki loves corn but actually, spinach, sawi, leek, capsicum, carrots, celery, kangkung, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, muchrooms, long beans, French beans, pumpkins.. MIKI WALLOPS EVERYTHING!

When we went for Nasi Ayam at Chicken Rice Shop, instead of everything else on the menu, Miki feasted on the whole serving of taugeh! At Domino’s Pizza, he picked the thin slices of capsicum from under the cheese toppings. I picked on my toppings too, I don’t like olives so I take those and put them on a side. Miki looked at them funny but when I said “Makanlah Miki, ni SAYUR olive!” he absorbed the magic keyword “sayur” and started to eat them all!
Yuck! Heeehehe

When Miki was not even 2 yet, he had this habit of collecting the salad pieces that has fallen of his Dad’s Big Mac in the burger box and eat them like they were M&Ms. Same goes with sayur sawi, he eats that when he was not even 2, while I started to eat sawi when I was in secondary school and Azman ate sawi on the second year of his marriage. Miki is advanced eh? Compared to his parents?

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11 Responses

  1. opY says:

    Salam MaulidurrRasul too 😉
    eh the meatballs with gravy and French fries looks superyummy lah!nak recipe pls???=p

    Haha, good job Miki, dah besar nanti muka u gebuuuuu..feewittt =p

  2. zac says:

    whoah!!!way to go miki… 😀

  3. fatin says:

    waaaaaaaaa.. bagus nye miki.. how i wish Emir loves to eat vege.. mmg hampeh la.. i slalu blend vege dia so that he cant choose.

  4. Nusayba says:

    (break away from silent reading kejap)

    First off, yayness for healthy oven baked food.

    Second, apekah rahsia Miki suka makan sayur ni? Hopefully it goes on till he’s old and wrinkled. Hebat sungguh.

    If you could find the reason or formula for this, boleh buat duit, ajar anak orang suka sayur 😛

    Oh, Nusayba KMPP btw.

  5. kenwooi says:

    i dont really like vege =P

  6. lieya MI says:

    …so good miki…

    …i dent eat sayur…=D

  7. eintanz says:

    omg bestnyerrr…lucky you. i have to lenyekkan all the sayur for lisa to eat. itu pun have to pass her gagging face everytime i suap her. so sedey ok, sebab mak dia gila sayur.

  8. kak anie says:

    Diyana…miki pandai suka makan sayur itu sesuatu yang bagus..patutnya mak dia pun kena makan…hehehe

  9. Diyana says:

    Opy, ayoyoyo. tak sampai hati nak share recipe sebab senang sangat masaknya. begini, meatballs kalau rajin buat sendiri kalau malas beli kat supermarket, thaw kemudian masuk oven sekejap aja, jangan lama nanti kering. kuah tu beli dalam paket yg serbuk tu. yg kat atas ni beli kat ikea so rasa sebijik macam yg kat Ikea cafe.
    zac, thanks for reading my blog! I hope my son will eat his greens not just when he is small but sampai ke tua bangka sok.. hehe
    fatin, that is normal. Miki yg pelik. mmg jarang jumpa budak kecik suka makan sayur.. huhu
    kenwooi!! hey you are big boy already! hahahaha… better eat your greens man!!

  10. Diyana says:

    yeaa! first time leaving comment.. hahaha… i know u are Iba my dear friend, but didnt know u read my blog. you know what, you just gimme a brilliant idea. I am gonna try again with my second baby (insyaAllah kalau ada) and if he/she also makan sayur bak kambeng macam Miki, i am gonna do a workshop for parents on how to teach their children to eat healthy… (dah ada module 20 slides dalam kepala) wakakakakaakakka…
    lieya MI, thanks for reading my blog. you too kena makan sayur! everybody should 🙂
    kak anie, heheheh.. eiii saya pun makan sayur laa… cuma saya tak suka buah2an je… tapi miki sayur dia baham, fruits pun dia cekik! haha
    eintanz, ala that is normal la.. kids mmg tak suka sayur. miki tu kan s.t.r.a.n.g.e sikit when it comes to this… besar sok Lissa makan la sayur tu..

  11. opY says:

    Kak D: lor, ingat gravy tu u buat sendiri..kalo beli kat ikea, i pon tau seyh,,,hahahaha.tak jadi nak kagom tau.. =p thanks anyway for replyin 😉

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