Si Rambut Mop

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The contractors are working on final touch ups at the house.Last night we have already moved several boxes, loads of clothing and a small couch all by ourselves and stuff them in the store under the stairs. Today they are double checking if there are leakages on the pipes, cleaning our floors and polishing my sinks.

Although the house is already clean but my floors are still dull despite being mopped several times. I believe all my broken marble needs is a special kind of polishing mop. Right?

It is okay, fret not! Miki can do it for Mummy. WITH HIS HAIR! hahaha!

Haha! Just kidding! Miki was goofing around in the empty rooms, he ran about, hop about, guling-guling, golek-golek, tonggeng-tonggeng all over the place.

Miki o Miki, our tiny little boy, our huge gigantic source of joy and laughter… Mummy loves you Miki!  🙂

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8 Responses

  1. Nize says:

    ha ha..kesian miki, kena buat aksi mop..! Uuu…Uuu… =P

  2. Mommy Kam says:

    Finally boleh bukak ;p Miki sangat comel! I wish I can let my son’s hair grow that long too..

  3. kak anie says:

    Hahaha..Miki…comel … dia nampak enjoy sgt dengan kerja dia…

  4. fahidayati says:

    D, dulu saya penah stay kat umah yg lantai nya serupa mcm lantai umah D… tuan umah polish lantai guna mesin… and keje tu dibuat oleh kontraktor. hasilnya… lantai tu sgt berkilat… tapi sacrifice one whole day lah… dengan bunyi bising segala bagai…

  5. sgt adorable anak itu. boleh ku geget?

  6. 1na says:


    Emmm selain mop, Miki pun jadi tukang pass/bwk torchlight dan tape jugak ker?


    Miki nie memang flexible la… chumil betoi…. 😀

  7. chuain says:

    akak teringat cite hagemaru.!!!! hu hu u

  8. ijannina says:

    hahaha siap ngan torchlight! memang hard worker miki nie:)

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