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Boy oh boy…. Moving house can be so freaking tiring. We rented the lorry service on Sunday, the two tonnes lorry look two trips to get our furniture to Chateau Diyanazman. We are so freaking lucky that Bauk and Nize came to help. These two guys look very small but they are actually very strong. Bela hantu raya kot.. tatau la… hehe

Anyway that night was the first night that our family sleep over in the house and thanks to Nize and Bauk we got company. We have always wanted to have people staying with us in the house on the first night and although our family couldn’t make it our best friends did! thanks!

Miki was super annoying throughout the time that we were moving, he wanted to help carrying the huge wardrobe, he wanted to ride in the lorry and the funniest was the part that he got super–duper broken hearted when the guys moved our TV!

Miki wailed in despair “Kenapa ambik TV Miki……………………………!”

And later at the new house when Azman and Bauk carried the big screen badass up the stairs to the family room once again he bawled and slobbered hingus sampai basah baju mak dia… cis! “Jangan amikkk TV Miki punyaaaa…!!!”

Ok fine! Ko sayang sangat TV tu ye? Kalau sayang kenapa ko conteng dengan crayon haa??

The truth is he was extra excited having Nize and Bauk at home with us. But I have to apologize to Bauk atas perangai anakku yang kurang sopan ittew owwhhhh! Apparently once (or more times) when Bauk was laying down watching the World Cup, Miki jumped onto his tilam Vono tummy, gomoi him like a teddy bear, pinch his cheeks many-many times with his nails yang berbisa itu and sang “PIPI TEMBAM! PIPI TEMBAM! PIPI TEMBAM!”

Sorry Bauk! Next time, if u ever feel like smacking Miki please smack Nize instead ok? *muka bersalah*

Bauk and Azman (can’t be seen in photo) carrying my display cabinet upstairs while Nize pose ala-ala mandur…

The work of carrying stuff upstairs is a bit tricky because I have this  super long lampu bulat-bulat as the lights for my staircase so everyone had taken extra care not to bang the furniture in the glass ball and make Madam Diyana unhappy. You don’t like her she she is unhappy.

But all are lucky, praise God the moving process went well without any problem (except in handling Miki) and Madam was very happy! Yay!!

The house currently is still a huge mess. Clothes still piling in plastic bags waiting to be sorted into wardrobes and other stuff still in boxes. Floor still dusty despite being washed many times, and time is what we need to polish them. As for stuff, I need to go couch shopping, carpet shopping, more curtain shopping etc etc… The TV is still doing its thang on the cabinet, we are yet to mount it on the wall. The wallpaper (for feature walls) still not installed, dunno when I am gonna call the suppliers… yeah.. still a hundred more things to do… not including clearing the remaining stuff that we have in the old house. Sighhh…

But in the mean time, here are a couple of pics as requested my my friends…

That’s the reflection of me in the glossy black fan that we have in the kitchen. I love this fan. It is really cute! Seperti orang dalam kipas ittew kan???? (macam orang lidi jekk erk!) Yes my walls are colorful because I am a fan of perayaan cahaya remember? ayoyoooo…

Above photo is my dining room, viewed from living room. My friend Azliza said it’s nice just like a scene in the Movie Alice in Wonderland. AKU TAHU KO NAK KATA AKU KEPALA DONGGA MACAM THE RED QUEEN AZLIZA!!! AKU TAHU! AKU TAHU!!! AWAS KO AZLIZA!!!! AKU SENTAPZ!!

That’s all the pics that I can share… hehehe…  Anyway just like any other home owner I am loving our new home, praise God the Almighty syukur Alhamdulillah that He gave a home, a shelter, a sanctuary for our family. Alhamdulillah…

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43 Responses

  1. Kay says:

    house warmiiiing! house warmiiiiiiiiing!

    love ur dining hall.

  2. BroBani says:

    baris ke empat, perenggan pertama yg berbunyi ‘these two guys look very small’ adalah sangat salah. sorg je small, dan sorg lagi tanya la miki…. lalalalalalala

  3. opY says:

    O em geeeeeeeeeeeee!cantik gilaaaaaaa ok ur dining room!superb lah kak D!
    cantik gilaaaaaaaaaa k!

    terpegun n terpesona!oh mmg da bomb!!

    lagi lagi?


  4. Nize says:

    bauk..terbaik!! sangat kuat & besar perutnye..muahahaha..gua biasa la, musti mau jadi mandur!!ha ha ha.. =P

  5. Yan says:

    I love your dining room! I love it love it.

    House warming please 🙂

  6. bauk.. says:

    en nize.. mmg gagah berani.. mmg miki seorang raksasa yang bermaharaja lela disitu..susah nak akter.. hahaha

  7. lawaaanye dining room ko..tp laki aku ni dia bab corner2 tajam sure dia tak agree..miki tak terbabas2 ke kalau berlari. nasya sokmo nooo accident.


  8. atie says:

    cumelll…sgt shantekkk…..aku shukeeeeee…..warna2 pelangi….hehehhe…i bet the kitchen wud be the faveret port tuk puan Di…

  9. Nize says:

    gagah berani macam mana bauk..?! ho ho..ko sudah mengampu aku.. =P

  10. Mommy Kam says:

    I have been waiting for this entry! The combination of your floor tiles, beautiful dining table, the vase on top of it, the pendant lamp and the colour of the wall in your dining room is superbly amazing! You should quit your job and become an ID instead.. hahah! anyway, i tumpang happy for u.. sangat bes to be able to stay at ur own house and desgn it to ur own liking ;p bila laaaa nak dapat dining room lawa mcm ni jugak 🙂

  11. lina says:

    sgt cantik the dining area and the view of kitchen is simply fantastic KUDOS to u sgt sgt da bomb…

  12. fatin says:

    owh cantik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    don forget to invite your soon to be BK neighbour!!

  13. oneyani says:

    dah macam rumah mak datin gayenye tu ha…bole?simple but very nice!good job

  14. Ken says:

    the kitchen only serves ice-cream, marshmallows and candy cotton…. kan ?

  15. diamante says:


    cantikkkknyaaa dining roommm..gagagag oooolalalala

    set meja mkn putih niceee~ jgn cimiki cimiki ingat canvas utk dia bekarya sudah…

  16. eZa says:

    very nice dining & kitchen (even nampak sipi2 jek tuh) 😉

  17. Asroll says:

    Adakah dining hall hang berwarna pink?

  18. BA says:

    suke tgk terracotta mosaic kat kitchen cabinet tu.
    ya rabbi cantik betul. bersinar sinar okkk.
    more pics pls!

  19. Diyana says:

    hi ladies and gentlemen! hehe
    thanks! you all should turn your homes the way your heart desires too.. it’s a very nice feeling! 🙂

    Ken, …and cupcakes and asam pedas Melaka style too! 🙂
    Asroll, pink with red feature wall… not for the faint hearted men like you and Azman, thats why i dont let him sit on my dining chair.. :p
    BA, thanks for reading my blog. thats glass mosaic only.. not terracotta… actually the tiles, glass table and mirror cabinet has not been polished yet.. huhu
    mai, setakat ni Miki lari laju giler tapi boleh brek lagi. tak penah ada masalah terantuk bucu sebab kalau ikutkan dulu rak TV aku nye bucu lagi tajam. tapi syukurla takat ni Miki takde telanggar lagi.. ala, ko apa susah, belilah meja oval!
    diamante, mmg dia ada ciri2 seniman penconteng tersebut!!
    rumah datin kalau ko nak tahu grille nye wrought iron berbunga2; plaster ceilingnya berukir-ukir berkaler2… haha

  20. Marr says:

    yup dining room sangat marvellous, mintak satu!!!! ala ala seri malaysia nooo ^_^

  21. ayaq says:

    Dining room sangat best!!!

    Apasal tak letak gambar pintu yang bauk (ter)tendang sampai tercabut tu??? Saya musykil nak tengok cemana rupa…wahahhaa.

  22. zaini says:

    wah cantik nyer ur dining room! more pic pls 🙂

  23. Diyana says:

    mARR, Thanks… seri malaysia macam mana ekk?? aku cam tak pemah masuk.. hehe
    ayaq, hahaha… nanti i upload…giler kuat bauk sepak! hahaha
    zaini! thanks! insya Allah I upload lagi

  24. keesha says:

    Oh my god! Ur dining room is soo cantik. Excellent taste! I so like! Ur kitchen back wall panelling.. I dunno wats the name.. is nice oso. So matching!
    Uuhhh.. Can I have the no. of the wallpaper guy.. Nak buat my wall jugak.. Heehe

    So in conclusion.. I can’t wait to see the rest of ur house!

  25. Lana says:

    dining room is soooo sweet and pretty!!! so wanna eat in there lah. congrats on moving in the new home sweet home 🙂

  26. yatie@ikhwan says:

    superb!! aku terpesona…lagi! lagi!

  27. Mel says:

    D…aci tak kalau aku main dam haji kat dining room hang? i promise i kemas..hahaha
    congrats! its beautifull!!!

  28. eintanz says:





  29. Diyana says:

    Keesha, hey thanks! that wall finishing thingy is call kitchen backsplash! i used glass. as for wallpaper, i have not installed them yet! i have paid the booking fee but tak pasang lagi.. kalau ok their service i recommend to you. kalau tak ok taknak recommend. hehe
    Lana, Yatie, Mel, Eintanz! thanks ladies!

  30. yani says:

    ur dining room sgt cantik hokehh.. luv the combination of pink wall and white dining table… schweet .. i loike =p

  31. oooo…a lovely home. Chateau Diyanazman is so classy 🙂 can show more pics or not?

  32. mien says:

    very fresh idea la cik d. congrats.

  33. MummyAllysha says:

    I’m so in love with your dining. So chic and feminine. Mind sharing where u got that dining set? My sis is looking for something like that. Thanks!

  34. Diyana says:

    Yani and Mien, thanks ladies!
    mommy to chumsy! thanks! i will post more when i am done sorting up the stuff.. hehe
    mummyallysha, thanks! the set is from Lorenzo…

  35. Blubewwy says:

    omg!!! i love your dining hall… soooo romantic!!! congratulations on your new house!

  36. oyis08 says:

    two words to describe your house, eh chateau – giler. cantek.

    two words to describe me – uber. jealous 🙂

  37. Shima says:

    Diyana,more pics please..am so in love with ur new house..:)

  38. Diyana says:

    BLubewwy, romantic yes! sekarang kitorang makan lampu ala2 malap gitu.. hahaha… lagi byk sebab miki nak tumpahkan air! hhehe
    oyis, thanks! no need jealous! you can renovate and paint and buy furniture that you want and make your home your own dream chateau too! 🙂
    shima, thanks! nanti u upload!

  39. nidda says:

    dee…cun!!!! i like…..jgn lupa jemput house warming k..hehehe aku pun x buat lagik…hahaha

  40. Diyana says:

    nidda, hang punya rumah kat mana?

  41. kakiena says:

    congrats to you!! have been to your house and it is so beautiful. U are superbly lucky to have it. Am still searching for the perfect home with the right price. Might just end up kat Nilai. 😛

  42. Diyana says:

    kak iena.. thanks…nilai ok what.. near to your mom.. i would wanna stay near my mom too… 🙂

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