Kasut Raya Miki

When Miki was just a little cekodok in my tummy, I saw a family potrait of Sultan Brunei and his baby (maybe around 7months old at that time) was wearing a Ralph Lauren baby booties that was too super duper cute!

I wasn’t even aware that Ralph Lauren makes babywear at that time and boy wasn’t I super duper berkenan!


So i searched for it in KL and somehow RL boutiques only carry apparels for adults but not kids. I was very sad so i bought him this smaller than a matchbox sized Adidas. Cute it was and so I forgot the Prince’s booties.

Last year I was shopping for nonsense when I saw RL shoes for kids in Parkson. PARKSON OKKK!!! Susah payah aku cari selama ni, bila kaki anak aku dah sebesar ikan keli afrika kat dalam lombong baru ada jual kat Parkson??? Hampehh tul..

At that time Miki already had a couple of Adidas and Nike so oleh sebab aku ni waras aku pun tak belilah.. Sekarang ni dah nak raya, aku teringat la pasal kasut yg kiut itu dan pergi la cari nak beli…

And now I can’t get any in his size!!! stress!! He wears size ten and the shoes that I like is either too big or too small… Geramnyaaa!!

I have been to KLCC, Subang Parade etc last place to go to is Pavillion. Haven’t got a chance to go there puasa-puasa ni..



These are some of the shoes that I really like but not available in Miki’s size. Sapa2 jumpa size 10 tolong beli ok?! Hehe

I am typing this on my phone at the airport. I am going to Sabah to attend a meeting and will be back on Saturday morning. Entah apa la laki aku nak makan ni nanti.. Haishhh

Selamat berpuasa everyone!

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