Boy watches 3D TV for first time

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A couple of weeks ago we went shopping at IKEA/IKANO/ The Curve. We had a trolley full of stuff and it was not allowed in Brands Outlet. So I had to go in alone while Azman and Miki hang out outside. Being the TV freak, Azman took our kid to the electronics showcase and let Miki wear the 3D glasses for the first time.

Check out Miki’s reaction. If you can understand what he was doing, haha! Lawak nak mampos!

 He was waving his arms about to touch the aeroplane in the TV. When we asked what was he doing, Miki said
“Miki nampak aeroplane tu dekat sangat dengan Miki.. dia dekat sangat!” LOL! Too cute Miki!

After the funny incident we decided to take Miki to his first 3D movie – John Carter. We  thought that he would be fascinated, after all the solar system is his current obsession right now. He is forever talking about planets and gravity and the universe. True enough in the movie he didn’t stop talking and causing a lot of stress in his parents. His questions include

“Eh, kenapa diorang kawin? Sebab diorang belum kawin lagi ke?” *slap forehead*

When Miki was a baby, Azman and I had to take leave from work to go to movie marathons. Nowadays we take him to all the movies with us because despite his endless chatters we can still enjoy the show. But then again Adik is coming really soon… I think I better tengok wayang puas-puas sebelum ada baby menjadi penghalang! LOL

Have a great week ahead guys!

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  1. yanti says:

    hahahahaha. Lawak Miki.
    Nada watched her first 3D show when we visited HK Disneyland a year back. Bila part ada benda jatuh, she was like trying to save those sambil mulut dia bising “Lailahaillallah..”
    Amoi sebelah pun pelik!

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