First benjol OMG!


Today is my bad-mom day and I am feeling aweful. This morning while I was driving Miki to Mama Rose’s house, I hit the brake quite abruptly while Miki was bending down to put on his shoes. He hit his head hard on the dashboard and for the first time in my son’s 4 years of life, he got this “benjol” on his head.

He wailed in pain and I contemplated on taking him straight to the doctor, seriously I almost didn’t know what to do. Despite Miki being super active all the time, forever scraping his knees and legs but he is not so accident prone actually. Somehow he could always run in super speed around my tempered glass rectangular dining table and other furniture with sharp edges without bumping into them but today, he got hurt and it is my fault. ;(

Bad Mummy! ;(

Anyway, one thing that assured me that he was fine was, apa lagi kalau bukan his endless speech.

In between his crying (melalak for just 30 seconds) sempat lagi explain

“Waaaghh… Miki nak pakai kasut pastu waaaaghhh… Miki terantuk kat sini kat sini.. Waghhh TENGOK NI MUMMY KEPALA MIKI DAH JADI MACAM CARTOON!”

Terlebih tengok Tom & Jerry la ko ni Miki.. Syukur la takde apa yang teruk. Next time we wear seat belt even for the minutes drive okay? Love you kid!

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