Tips nak kurus selepas bersalin?

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A lot of people ask me this question these days. How do I get my anak-dara figure back (anak dara la sangat…) right after child birth especially the birth of a second child. And considering I ballooned up quite a grandmother hippo throughout the past 9 months.

I sincerely do not have the kind of answer my friends were expecting. I know they expect me to name a product – Herba Life or Acai Berry or London Weight Management or Premium Beautiful corset or what ever. Unfortunately I don’t. The only reason I slim down after child birth is – BREASTFEEDING!

Yes, it works wonders for me! I fit into my old 25in Levi’s just 40 days after Rafa was born.Breastfeeding is the best for babies and moms! Have you not try it, mommies? 🙂

I must admit I was very conscious about my weight and shape in the beginning but who wouldn’t right? At that time I really wanted to diet but I couldn’t. For the sake of the baby I maintain a healthy balanced diet knowing what I eat will go to the baby too.

So today instead of sharing my slimming secret (which I don’t have) let me share with you ladies the whole lotta supplement that I take almost on daily basis.

From left  – NeuroGain. I take one pill a day. This is to replenish the DHA Rafa sucked from my brain since he was in my tummy. Why do you think preggers have that ridiculous pregnancy brain? I believe it’s depletion of our grey matter. heheheh

Pil Jamu Afiat – Traditional Malay post-natal pills. According to the instruction I am supposed to take 12 pills per day but I take only 4. Takmo makan banyak sangat nanti susu bau jamu pulak. Haha! I have been taking Set Bersalin AFIAT for both confinement periods – Miki and Rafa and so far it works for me. Many suggested Nona Roguy but many also said despite taking Nona Roguy’s they dont look like Nona pun… Like Nano-nano adalah… mahal sajer ekk? Afiat is the best! 🙂

Alfalfa Complex by Shaklee – According to the instruction, I was supposed to take 10 pills per day but I take only 2 sebab takut bertukar menjadi Shrek atau Hulk – HIJAU! My dear friend recommended this to me as a supplement to improve breast milk quality. And so far yes it works to thicken it up.

Seven Seas Multivitamins and Minerals (With Iron) – I have been taking one pill a day for the past several years. Without the iron in it, my hair wouldnt grow this long. Seriously! If you have thinning hair or if your hair just stop growing after a certain lenght, it’s time to take up some iron. Multivitamin is also great because it improves my appetite (not that I need any help in that department). So if you are on a diet, memang susahla sebab makan multivitamin memang perut sangat lapar.

Flavettes Vitamin C – I pop a couple into my mouth every couple of days.

500g Calcium – Because I am terribly phobia of osteoporosis.

Naturale Fish Oil – For the omega 3 and my beloved heart. Unfortunately I think Rafa’s eczema becomes worse when ever I take this so I have stopped.

That’s quite a lot of pills right? Because I am afraid they might just overwhelm my systems and my kidneys. I only take the multivites and alfalfa daily. The rest alternately, for example, if today I take the Calcium, I wont take the jamu vice versa.

So that’s my health and beauty (beauty kerr? tangan di dada mata ke atas) secret. Oh I have another one! Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink. I love this I think it works in making my skin mosturised. Masalahnya MAHAL NAK MAMPUS! I only buy and consume this when I have extra money. Soalannya bilakah nak ada extra money ituuu???? Oh sungguh la patbelas tahun sekali! haishhh…

What’s you health and beauty regime?



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5 Responses

  1. c!kpuanmuda says:

    takde rahsia? hanya bf? dimanakah keadilan di dunia ini? dimana???????

  2. Diyana says:

    c!kpuanmuda, hahahahahaha!!! BF saja nok! no corset pls! *pitam*

  3. echah says:

    totally agree dengan ko dee…

    aku ni dh la c-zer dulu..mmg xboleh nk pantang sgt mcm org lain..
    jamu pn xmakan..nope saying that aku get to shape like anak dara but opismate aku (even chinese yg xpenah tegur aku kot) pun boleh dtg tny aku pakai apa sampai boleh cepat kurus(kurus ke??)..aku just ckp..only BF!! berat b4 pregnant is 53-54kg..then naik sampai 19kg..masuk keja after 60 days cuti berat aku dh back to 54 kg (but again still ada geleber sana sini la kot)..see..the POWER OF BF!! hahahaha

  4. kak iena says:

    hahahaha…samalah kita. I got back my original weight after 25 days i gave birth. The secret? Breastfeeding. Yay!! Alhamdulillah….I was worried too. I gained 15kgs during maternity. I take almost everything as the same like you except fot the jamu. Nak try lah…nanti nak pi cari.

    Semoga kita kekal mcm anak dara (anak dara lah sgt…) LOL

  5. salina yusof says:

    hi.saya ada cara yang mudah dan cpt untuk anda semua kurus selepas bersalin.tanpa menggunakan pape produk dan blh makan apa sahaja.

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