Daily Quickie – Tiger Rafa

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My intan payung Nuh Rafael “Rafa”. He is 6 months old now and so manja with me, i don’t know how is it gonna be if I have to go outstation for work.

He is very alert of his surroundings. Last week we spent a few nights at the hotel and on the first night Rafa slept at 3am, just because he wasn’t used to the new room!

And in order to get Rafa to sleep at night, both Mummy and Daddy must lay down on the bed with him in the middle so that he can roll to one side and hug’s Daddy arm like a koala bear and then roll to another to hug Mummy pulak… He will golek kiri kanan until he falls asleep after a few minutes. How cute is that? But if Daddy is not in the room, trust me Rafa just won’t fall asleep until probably two hours later.

He is pretty good with his hands. He can pass a toy from one hand to another and once we caught him picking up a spoon with his thumb and index finger. He likes to hold his both his feet and clap them together again and again.. Apa la Rafa.. Mummy ajar tepuk amai-amai pakai tangan bukan kaki lah! Alahai…

Praise the Al-Mighty for Rafa’s good health, 6 months old and only once he had a slight fever and cough. Hopefully his eczema will also disappear soon. Amin….

Rafa 6 months

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