Rafa’s Early Solid Food and Baby Food Recipe

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Rafa tasted his first solid food several days after his 6 month birthday on 29 Dec 2012. Although I believe his systems were ready much earlier than that but I waited anyway, just to follow what the books say and mainly because Rafa is such a good little baby, he was very much satisfied with milk alone. He was hardly fussy and slept well through the night.

To be fair with Miki, Rafa’s first solid food was also avocado puree with expressed breastmilk. And Rafa’s verdict? Nope, totally didn’t like it. I wondered if Rafa is the type of child that detests solid food and preferred milk alone until much later in their babyhood, hmmm?


Rafa with his first avocado.

The next day I prepared something else that I thought would be more appealing to his taste buds – carrot and pumpkin puree, and guess what, Rafa ate a whole lot! Wow! For someone who has never tasted anything but fluid before, a baby’s palate can sure have a mind of its own eh?

The same puree was also sent to his babysitter and according to her, he walloped everything all up! Good job Rafa!

On the first week of his solid food journey, my baby was a little constipated. I guess he was not used to having solids in his tummy. So I gave him some prune juice and I even add some of the juice in his puree for dinner. When the effect was not immediate, I gave him papaya and it worked wonders! Rafa poops happily ever after. Haha!

Now that Rafa has no constipation problem at all, I just loveeeee preparing and planning for his meals. Many have asked me on Facebook, so here I am sharing the babyfood recipes tasted and proven yummy by Rafa, below in bold.

apple and celery puree

1) Apple and celery puree

babyfood fruits and vegetables puree

Clockwise –

2)Pumpkin and carrots puree
3) Rice and pear puree
4) Cauliflower, carrot and spinach puree
5)broccoli and sweet potato puree 

carrot with prune juice]

6) Carrot and sweet potato puree plus some prune juice

pumpkin puree baby food

7) Sweet pumpkin puree – Delicious! Rafa loves this and pumpkin is highly nutritious too!

Every couple of days I would be preparing  two or three types of babyfood for Rafa. It should be enough for the next 2 or 3 days. I kept the puree in ready-to-eat portions in the freezer and heat it up before consumption. To date Rafa ate home-cooked food only except a couple if Heinz baby food and rusks that’s just too handy when we travel.

baby food for freezing

Syukur Alhamdulillah my lil boy has good appetite. Occasionally he would refuse to eat a certain food like this delicious pea and sweet corn puree below, I thought he hated green or something but he finished off a whole container of the same food the next time I gave it to him. Maybe he was just not hungry the first time.

So to new Moms out there, persistence is the key to introducing a new diet to your child. I read somewhere that a child would only accept vegetables for example after the  8th time of trying. I think most of us would have given up after the child spat mashed green broccoli on our faces. lol!

pea and sweet corn puree babyfood

Muka hazab gilerr kena makan pea! hahaa! Nak kata  macam muntah hantu cerita The Exorcist, Rafa bukannya penah tengok movie tu pun.. Hmmmm…

I will only introduce animal protein to Rafa once he turns 8 months. So until then, it is all vegetarian baby! Easier to digest ya.. 🙂 Big Bro Miki had almost the same thing when he was a baby, vege and fruits as first food for several months in his life and somehow I think that’s why he loves vegetables now. Hopefully Rafa will also follow suit and will not be a picky eater later on.

Mummy loves you Tiger Rafa! Muahhh!


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3 Responses

  1. Fariza says:

    Diyana, itu labu, kau kukus, rebus atau bakar?
    Aku rasa, bakar paling sodap. Puree labu jadi lebih manis. 🙂

  2. Diyana says:

    Fariza, aku rebus huhu…kalau ko bakar, masa ko blend ko campur air tak? tak kering sangat ke kalau bakar? huhu

  3. Fariza says:

    errr… aku x blend. Aku lenyek2 aje. Dia lembut. Kalau blend, kena tambah air la kot. Tapi memang lebih manis dari direbus atau dikukus. Sila cuba. Aku suap dia, aku pun kenyang makan sekali. Hahahaha…

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