Wish List – From Squid to Apple to an ancient Italian town (Not!)

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I was cleaning the screen of my Iphone yesterday, rubbing it with a piece of wet wipes when I wondered how nice if suddenly a djinn shall appear from the lamp phone and grant me a few wishes. First the djinn looks like a pretty Mediterranean girl with a ponytail high up her head then suddenly hshe changed into  Steve Jobb (rip) in low waist-ed shocking pink baggy pants and strapless bra top.  I almost dropped the poor old phone and came back to  reality.

Indeed I do have a short wish list in my mind. The items in it consists of common things and expensive things alike. Let me write them down here kot-kot Azman nak pi tolong cari.


Dual cereal dispenser

Boleh tak mendalah ni I have been looking for it all over tak jumpa-jumpa?! When I asked my friends, they all have seen or have bought it from the most common of all places like I Wanna Go Home, KLCC, Bangsar Village etc. Aku rasa aku pun tiap kali jumpa mesti masuk I Wanna Go Home tawaf patbelas kali bagai tapi apsal tak nampak pon??  Hey dispenser ko menyorok ke apa? I need this coz Miki loves cereals, he eats it not only for breakfast but for snacks pagi petang siang malam. He can pour the milk without spilling but I won’t let him stand on  a chair, reach for my heavy glass jar (that currently contains his fave Froot Loop) for he will surely drops it and hurt himself. Even if he is successful in handling the jar and getting the food inside chances are he will not close it back sampai lemau.. haishhh… I need to buy this dispenser asap.

macbook air


Macbook Air 

My current machine is a VOSTRO 3460. It is fast and  fantastic, I love it but it weighs a tonne. Not that I am using any fancy software beyond Photoshop and some word processor but Macbook Air is so darn sexy! I would like to get the smallest and the lightest (11in with retina display, please?), so  that I can carry it around like I would a compact powder. Sometimes I wish I can use my Ipad for work  but Miki has installed dozens and dozens of gaming apps… hey, aku tengok iPad ni pun dah menyampah!  Ipad dah synonym as a gaming device dah, I want the professional Macbook Air pls! I kan professional?! (vomit blood)



salted egg calamari

Fried Calamari with Salted Egg

Ini pun kira wish list ke? Ada aku kisah? I want this badly, can somebody tell me the best halal place to eat this in Klang Valley. And owh if I can a tutorial on how to cook this dish, it would be good as well. :p For those who haven’t tasted. Sotong Goreng Telur Masin is an explosion of flavour.. pop a piece in your mouth and you’ll go weeeee~~~ flying to the sky then slide down a rainbow masuk dalam ayaq laut berenang dengan sotong-sotong kegembiraan! Pastu kolesterol dalam darah pun berenang-renang kegembiraan jugak sambil menempel-nempel di dinding artery. Hamik ko! Best giler!

tivoli pm

LV Tivoli PM

What can I say, she is too cute. She is like the daughter I don’t have. Sighhh….


A vacation

I know I need a vacation  but I am not sure why when I say vacation my head thinks Langkawi?! I think this has got to be influenced by my maternal instinct of being fair to both my children. One of Miki’s earliest holiday in his life was in Langkawi so naturally Rafa should go there as well. See that pic above? See how young the three of us look? Darn it!! That was in late 2008. Haishhh….

The vacation, the dispenser, the sotong gembira is affordable but it is juts the matter of where and where I could get it. The applelicious machine and the adopted daughter  bag however requires a bit more fund to get the fun… 🙂

I have another thing that I desire, something money cannot buy. It is measured by ticking of the clock at every passing hour. And it is called time. The time I have is not enough, to watch Baby Rafa rolls, then sits up, then crawls before he stands himself up and starts running…. And to hold Miki’s hand before he enters his school, where he learns how to read, how to sing, how to count, how to be a grown up that no longer needs Mumy and Daddy. I guess time is what I need the most.

Have a good day every one and I hope everyone of us will achieve or obtain all the items in our wish lists! Much love!

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6 Responses

  1. Kucingmanja says:

    Sotong gumbira ittew adalah sangat tempting hokey!!! Sila share resepi bila ko dpt!! :p

  2. leyha says:

    Hi Diyana,
    I’ve been your silent ready for so long. 🙂 Bila cerita pasal sotong lazat ni baru lah nak komen. Hehe. U can try salted egg squid kat restoran NJ Zenith (or nama lain dia Haslinda Sim) kat Bandar Baru Bangi. Row blkg Papparich. Squid tu mmg my must-order-menu everytime makan situ. Besttt!

  3. Diyana says:

    Salam Leyha! thanks for reading my blog and for finally commenting! hehehe…. nanti i nak pergi lah kedai tu n order the sotong.. yum yum! tapi masih mencari resepi jugak.. yg proven sedap untuk masak sendiri. :p thanks babe!

  4. Diyana says:

    kucing… kan??? sangat best kan?? nanti kalau aku dah pandai masak, aku share dengan ko! :p

  5. almiriz says:

    salam, any luck finding the cereal dispenser? Came across ur blog when i was looking for a cereal dispenser as well. let me know kalau dah jumpa ye.
    ps :love ur writing too….

  6. Diyana says:

    hi almiriz, i saw one in I Wanna Go Home in KLCC, it is similar to the one on the pic, but it is not as nice when u see it live.. tak cun.nampak murah.
    hehehe.. so i havent bought any. Thanks for reading my blog. 🙂

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