Miki and Rafa First Trip To Sunway Lagoon, Best Water Theme Park in Malaysia and Asia’s Best Attraction

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Our first trip to Sunway Lagoon was way too long ago in January but I would still like to jot it down in this blog. This is due to the fact that it was the last holiday (can I still call it a holiday when Sunway Lagoon is only 10 minutes away and practically just behind our house?) before Miki started schooling. We went on a Sunday, when he was supposed to rest and prepare for school the next day but instead we went to Sunway Lagoon. LOL!

We had so much fun and now I wonder why we have never taken the kids here before? Sunway Lagoon is like so near yet so far. LOL! Check out some pictures from the trip.


The three of us with our passes to the theme park. At the end of the day, we are given a choice to return back these passes in exchange with a t-shirt, a watch or an umbrella. Miki exchanged his for a watch that he wore to school the next day, and I exchanged mine with a Sunway Lagoon t-shirt.


Sunway Lagoon is a huge place and Miki spent a long time at this wet playground.


See how happy he is? I think Miki looks so cool in his Cotton On LIFEGUARD swim shirt and pants.


That’s Azman and Miki and Mali Cove. The last time I was here for a Sony TX-5 camera promotional event and I won a Sony Bloggie. Which was later stolen. Sedih tul! ahaks


This is a lot of fun!


Miki and I got more style! :p


Here is Miki and DanDan at one of the may slides at the park.


Nampak tak tinggi tapi gayat wei!


Azman and 20 kilos Miki on his shoulders.. 🙂

This part of Sunway Lagoon is called Waters of Africa. Miki and I slide down the African Phython together.


That’s us and the big fat elephant!


Here is handsome Miki in front of  Scream Park. I wanted to go in this rumah hantu.. but who’s gonna look after Rafa? Haishhh.. we will come back again next time!


This is one of the rides yg Miki suka sangat at the Amusement Park area. Boleh tak Miki rode with me twice and with Daddy another two times!! Layan kan aja.. esok siap ko pergi sekolah! haha


I can’t remember what is the name of this ride, but it is supposed to mock a canoeing at a river lah! Yang ini pun Miki naik dua kali, sekali with me and another time dengan Azman.  I pretended to be scared when I rode with Miki, and he kept telling me.. “It is Okay Mummy… There is nothing to worry about!” And when it was all over he said, “See I told you it was nothing, did you think you would die?” Eh eh budak ni datang Sunway Lagoon je kot.. pehal ko speaking London bagai????




Miki and the “clown”at the amusement park.


Bendalah Merry-Go-Round ni pun Miki naik 5 kali kot! Sabar jelah. Rafa pun naik and he was not gayat at all. I put him on of the horses, he sat steadily while holding to the pole macam budak besar! Eii geram!

After the 5th Merry Go Round ride, Miki wanted something to much and he got this cotton candy bigger than his head. Then we took a walk at the Wildlife Park which is just like a mini zoo. The bird park is so clean and nice. Unlike KL Bird Park yang penuh taik burung tu.. haishh

4 years old and about 115 cm tall.

Rafa debab was asleep in his  stroller and I was so tired LOL! We had lunch at Merry Brown.


Kenangan my pics with Rafa. 🙂

Sunway Lagoon basically consists of Water Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Wildlife Park and Scream Park. Entrance fee for MyKad holders are RM90 for adults and RM65 for children and senior citizens.  This entrance fee entitles you to enjoy all the rides except a few Pay Per Ride attractions like Bungy Jump, Pantball War Game and G-Force X.

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  1. kakiena says:

    that’s so fun. Our weekends are mostly at home. How lame is that? aiyo….uhuk

  2. Psyche says:

    Either you were really good with capturing photos at the right moment (without other life beings around to interfere) or was Sunway Lagoon very empty on the last day of the school holiday? Haha.

  3. Diyana says:

    Psyche, LOL LOL LOL! I guess we are really good at taking pics. There were tonnes of ppl around and waiting for our turns at some of the rides we very long… :p

    kak iena, kitorang pun lepak rumah jugak kekadang.. 🙂

  4. kak iena says:

    Diyana : kadang2 takpe…akak 85% kot. *pull hair*

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