In Loving Memories – My LV Speedy 35

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I was going through my picture archive when I saw a few snapshots that we took in IKEA last year. Miki’s hair was still long, Rafa was a new born and I was carrying A BAG THAT WAS LATER STOLEN FROM ME! *meraong guling-guling tarik rambut sampai putus* MY BELOVED LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY 35. Oh how I miss you so much!

I had the Speedy for the longest time and I never! Never! took a picture of it, let alone pose with it when I had it in my keep. When it was stolen, all memories were gone but little did I know I actually have these two pictures…

Alahai… Ini jelah gambar yang ada… Muka haku pun tak nampak. Kalau kutahu ko nak kena curi wahai beg, aku dah posing-posing dengan ko ala Titanic… wearing this, wearing only this.. boley?

ikea 1

ikea kids 2

I don’t know if these pictures are sweet memories or just adding salt to my wound. Somehow I think it gotta be the latter. I hope the pencuri keparat mati sakit protate cancer…

Anyway, these are some pictures taken on the same day. Miki was 4 years old and I think he looks so cute with his hair long-ish. Here he is dancing di khalayak ramai just like the boy in Real Steel did. ๐Ÿ™‚

mikael 4 years old

mummy and miki

Me and my first baby

daddy and the boys

Time flies really fast and I haven’t replaced my old Speedy. and my kids have grown much bigger now. But I still suck at camwhoring. I guess lepas ni I need to learn how to take pictures while mengepit handbag like the others do lah ek?? :p

As for the bag, although I will never forgive the one who took it, I have long forgotten about it. After all, a hubster and two boys you see in the picture above, have completed my look. They are the best, most stylish accessories I would ever need!


Have a great day everyone! Keep your bags safe! :p

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3 Responses

  1. zurina says:

    alahai sayangnya speedy…mcm mana bole kena rampok diyana? mmg layak la disumpah seranah perampok itu

  2. Kak Iena says:

    sayangnya!! but yes…you have the most precious & cutest accessories of all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. oyis08 says:

    how did it happen yeah? but agreed, those boys complemented your looks more than a handbag ever could ๐Ÿ™‚

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