Daily Quickie – Candy Crush

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On no! It is Monday! Bur seriously, I am feeling very refreshed today thanks for the good 7 hours sleep with minimal interruption. For the past 2 weeks or so, Rafa hasn’t been sleeping very well at night. He would doze off to slumberland for about 20 minutes at 9.30-10pm and later wake up until 3 in the morning! Which means I too would be awake till 3! Pening kepala ok! On other nights, he slept from 11pm to 3am and stayed up playing happily until 11am the next day. Sighh…

Rafa would crawl and crawl in the darkness of our bedroom playing on his own. If I put him in the crib where it is safe and comfy, he would cry. So he crawls and and crawls, and I won’t stop him, he would pick up the smallest of debris on the floor and puts it in his mouth. Worst? He would lick the floor. OMGGGG… And he would do all this while his tiny mouth speaking gibberish non-stop. Really cute but ohhhh… why can’t you just sleep like other babies, Rafa??

Out of his  observation, Rafa can point his forefinger and swipe it on the Iphone and Ipad. Boleyyy? He is just 8 months! See below pic, Rafa “playing” Candy Crush. I just wanna dip that comel tiny finger in Nutella and eat it! haha..

At 8 months Rafa can say Mama! to call me. He can wave bye bye while saying Tata! like super cute. He can raise his hand when we ask “Siapa nama Rafa?”. He picks up the remote and point it at the TV. He would stop when we say NO! and turn to look at us and check out our reaction, but most of the time he will continue what ever naughty stuff he was doing after 5 seconds. He is super manja with Opah and will start whining if he hears her voice or see her walks pass him, nak dukung all the time. sigh!

He has started to ‘meniti’ or walking slowly while holding to furniture. If the furniture happens to be a table, all the stuff on the table will be thrown onto the floor. Hishhh sabar je lah dengan ko Rafa!

nuh rafael


A couple of months ago Miki watched “Unwrapped” on TV, a show about how food is being made.  The episode that Miki watched was about candy.  Bagus sangat la kan! Miki is a candy addict.

Although it has been months since he saw it on TV, Miki still remembers all 4 types of candy featured in the episode. While I can’t recall a single one, Miki is objectively determine to taste all of them. Although he understands that they are only available in the US but he said Ok, kalau jumpa kita beli ok! Ala… kesian pulak anak aku.

Last week I found these handcrafted sweets at Marks and Spencer KLCC. Miki was so happy! He said Mummy, gula-gula yang ada picture tuu dah checked! haha. Ada candy checklist rupanya anak aku. And last weekend I found this Shark jellies at Cold Storage. I bought it but haven’t given it to him.


cool jac candy


FYI, today is a happy day for us coz Azman is coming back home from his about-a-month-long trip to Brazil, Mexico and the USA. The house has been so empty and sunyi and kosong kosong kosong without him. Since Miki knew Daddy was going to the US, he wanted the sweets in his check list lah! So in case Daddy tak jumpa these CoolJac, I am just gonna say Daddy bought this is US for you Miki! hehe.

Have  a great day everyone! Much love from me~

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