Selfie with Baby


I think this is the best selfie I have ever taken so far.

I was facing a mirror in Primavera where Azman was getting a new pair of sandals for himself. The last time he bought similar footwear was probably 3-4 years ago and he would just wear it selagi tak barai..

Anyway the nice mirror in Primavera kinda got my zits hidden so taking a pic in front of that mirror is a must!! Problem is Rafa was strapped in his stroller in front of me and he was crying with his hingus meleleh and his mouth full of apple snacks. I don’t understand how babies can cry and continue eating at the same time..

I also don’t know what is more keji now, picture of a baby hingus meleleh or the mother yang nak selfie tanpa mengira anaknya hingus meleleh?! Anyway…Have a nice Sunday peeps! ;)

primavera shoes in alamanda

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