Home Improvement – New Picture on the Wall

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Over the weekend I finally found a picture to hang on the wall that I like. Seriously! This wall has been bare for the last four years that we stayed here. The picture is cheap and a reproduction, you would probably see it at 5 different places after this but I am so loving it, I don’t care!

The picture speaks me! Colorful, loud, striking and yet it is a loving and soft rose… haha!

beautiful house rumah cantik  deco


Now when I look at this area, what we definitely need is a new rug. I have gotten bored of our old red and fluffy rug while the orange/brown/gold carpet is now placed upstairs at the family area.

Please suggest and tell me which carpet that’s nice Okay? Thank youuuuuuu……

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37 Responses

  1. Siti Fatimah says:

    Cantik sgt! LOVE it too babe 🙂

  2. Diyana says:

    Thanks Siti… kat mana nak beli carpet yang matching dengan ambiance ni ekk? hehe

  3. opY says:

    Kak D, u Soft kerrrrr ??????????????????????

  4. Diyana says:

    Opy…. Soft yg ganas sket.. Hihi

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