Apple Store Genius Bar Experience at Chula Vista, CA

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Early this month, I went to US for the 9th times. I still got plenty of unpaid ticket at Los Angeles from last year visit, so..I was a bit worried that I was gonna get any problem at US immigration and rental car company.  Luckily, nothing happened. Everything went smoothly.

This time, I rent a car from Hertz Rental Car company instead of Dollar. I booked Ford Focus but end up with Toyota Camry.
Since I already changed my Malaysia driving license to the new type which chip id with English translation, there was no need to get International Driving Permit anymore to drive in California. Save RM150!!

After 10 days at US, I accidently drop my Iphone 6 on the soft floor from only 1 and half feet height and shattered the front glass!!! Less than 2 feet and cracked!! I dropped my Iphone 4 for a thousand times in 4 years..never got a single scratch.

I was in no mood for the whole day.

The next day, I chatted with Apple customer service and asked about the cost to change Iphone 6 front glass but they couldn’t reply because no Apple service in Malaysia. In Malaysia, it is all by 3rd party and out of their control.

Since I was in US, I asked about Apple Services in the US. Totally different feedback! They answered all my questions. Total cost is USD109 and actually that can be found on their website. I checked with cheap Kedai repair at Pertama complex  and they asked for RM520 and another phone repair store in KL asked for RM800.

Can you believe it??? Apple Store in US is cheaper than Pertama complex store??? Memang gila kena pau..


I set my appointment with Apple Store Otay Ranch Town Center, Chula Vista, CA at 7:50pm and I told them that I need it to be repaired and returned on the same day because my flight was on the next day. They said, the store close at 9pm and if they cannot repair in the same day, they will change with new phone. Woohhoooo…minta-minta la tak sempat repair..hahaha!

I arrived at Apple Store Chula Vista at 7:40pm. Met with the Ipad guy in front of Apple Store and that guy said that they were just waiting for me. Tu dia…pernah ke ada mana-mana servis center, klinik, hospital, jabatan kerajaan yang sambut kita kat pintu masuk macam tu lepas kita buat appointment? Hampehh..

No need to take any number. I was seated at a waiting table in front of Genius Bar. While waiting, I can play with Macbook or Ipad.

Sharp 7:50pm, a guy  came to me…greeted me and brought me to the Genius Bar. VIP service cakap lu.
Without explaining anything, they already got all the message about my problem and my next day flight. They promised to return my Iphone back before 9pm. Not only that, they gave me details timing step by step. Berapa minit diagnose..berapa minit repair…berapa minit diagnose balik. Target siap 9pm.

While waiting, I got a chance to try the Apple Watch. Another great experience. I almost buy one because the staff treatment were great. Bahaya betul pergi Apple Store ni.

Luckily…we can only book online and the best time to get Apple Watch..maybe end of June. Kalau tak…terbang lagi duit..hahaha


Just before 9pm, a guy from Genius Bar came to me bringing my Iphone 6. Semua tepat pada masa. Memang hebat layanan dan servis Apple ni. Patutla semua sapu habis.

It was a great experience with Apple Service. I cursed Apple for making easy to break Iphone 6..and end up almost buying an Apple Watch..Hahah. Totally awesome. I wish we can have this here in Malaysia soon.

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  1. eintanz says:

    kalau kat sini we will be directed to like 4-5 different customer service and we will have to explain the same thing from A-Z to each and every new cs that takes over the case. penat!

  2. syed says:

    Iphone 6 apple id lock boleh buka harga berapa?

  3. Edanabdsamad says:

    Bang, ade contact x? If u can reply to my email.

  4. Diyana says:

    Hi EdanabdSamad,
    please send your email to Azman here ->

  1. May 25, 2015

    […] 25/May: Baru-baru ni Iphone 6 aku pulak screen damage, repair kat Apple Store US, kena USD109. Bila check kat kedai kat Pertama, dia minta RM520. Kalau kedai Apple kat Malaysia […]

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