Swimming Fun – 2009 vs 2015

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This picture below was taken in May 2009 and I blogged about it HERE. That little bub riding on his Daddy’s back is Miki. Look how tiny he was! Adorable! He was 15months old.


And right here I have the two of them in the June 2015 version!


My precious boys! Look at Miki, he has grown about 20 kilos since then and 2 feet taller. He has started schooling and check out that front incisor, dah rongak! haha!


Oh why does the time have to go so fast? I miss that little baby Miki so much! Miki these days are not so gomoiable and masam! Haha!

But I am still lucky, because I have this other baby! Rafa! Our pride and joy, our little Mr Bosssy in the house!


Here we have the three of them having fun in the pool…


Miki is getting better and better at swimming. Yesterday at our regular pool in Palace of Golden Horses, we realized that Miki’s feet could touch the bottom of the 4ft pool. Dah tinggi dah Miki…

Rafa on the other hand went amok even after more than an hour in the water and countless times of diving down from the water slide. He didn’t wanna leave. Pergi zoo taknak balik, pergi pool taknak balik, pergi rumah anak yatim jom? haha!

Have a great week ahead everyone!


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