Kisah Rafa and Best Children’s Education Video from YouTube

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Our little Boss, Rafa will be turning 3 years old in less than two weeks. That means it has been almost  36 months since I delivered him and it has been almost 36 months since I last got a good night sleep.

Yes, Rafa at this age still have irregular sleeping patterns. If he falls asleep at around 8-9pm, he would definitely wake up about an hour later and only go back to sleep at as late as 3 in the morning, even  when put him to bed at 11pm.

And because he co-sleeps with us, he would be in our room, on our bed, dancing and jumping and playing and looking at books etc etc etc while Azman and I try to get our precious good night sleep. Since his Daddy wouldn’t mind sleeping with a T Rex roaring consistently from the bed side table, he never gets disturbed at all!

But me? I really cannot sleep like that! I am really hoping that Rafa will get a normal sleeping pattern soon, tolong laaa… Rafa dah besar kot.. tolong laaa tidorrrr di waktu malam!!

rafa comel

Don’t we look exactly the same?

Anyway last night, Rafa fell asleep in the car while we were on our way to dinner and woke up when dessert was over at around 9.30pm. So of course later he was still all chirpy and happy when all of us were already in bed trying to get most sleep before sahur at 4.30am.

It was probably 1am, I was already dreaming and Rafa still couldn’t sleep so he was playing alone in the dark. Then he came laying down beside me and started SINGING! LOUDLY SINGING!

“Good morning…. Good morning… Good morning to youuuuu!”

Despite singing so loud that I was immediately awaken, his singing was actually very good! He sang it exactly like in the song Good Morning Mr Rooster by SUPER SIMPLE SONGS on Youtube.

I wish I could grab the camera and record him but darnit I was really tired and fell back to slumberland. Sleep.. I was sleeping… Big fat delicious sleep….

And then Rafa went…

“Daddy finger! Daddy finger! Where are you? Here I am! Here I am… How do you do?”

I was like Arghhh dia nyanyi lagiiii!! Tapi masalahnya Rafa sang it so cutely, so pandai! Mummy so geram lah! Cubit kang!

“Mummy finger! Mummy finger! Where are you? Here I am! Here I am… How do you do?”

Berkumandang lagi! Exactly like his favourite dinosaur Family Finger video. Arghhh! Tidor lah Rafa! Menang sedap Rafa nyanyi ni… Rafa memang comel, pandai menyanyi, menari segala… Tapi mak ko ni kalau tak cukup tidor tetap jadi naga!

Please! Malam ni tidor ok!

rafa comel2

Indeed Rafa learned surprisingly a lot from these great many videos on YouTube. So today I would like to share some videos that Rafa loves here. For you Mums and Dads who read this, these are great sing song videos for your little ones :

Do you like broccoli ice-cream?
This song encourages healthy eating in a fun way and improve kids vocabulary

One Little Finger
This song is too cute when Rafa sings along it and doing all the action. It teaches kids their body parts

Let’s Go to The Zoo
Not just Rafa but Miki loves this song too! They memorize the song and love to move like the animals. Super cute!

There are many kids’ songs channel in YouTube but Super Simple Songs is my favourite. Do introduce it to you little ones and see how much these videos improve their vocabulary. Let me know what you think! 🙂


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