Menu Berbuka Puasa & Father’s Day – My SUP EKOR debut…

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Today is the 4th of Ramadhan. Everything has been going on smoothly and I am so glad that Miki can fast without fuss.

Today also is Father’s Day and I thought of buying a cake for the occasion but malas! haha! Besides Azman doesn’t eat dessert and I was hoping to reduce my thigh circumference, so I guess there is no need for cake lah!

But I did cook a lovely dinner though… Bye – bye slim thighs! And the food were tad too much for us 2 adults 1 kid and 1 toddler that eats according to his mood. I made these:

menu iftar buka puasa
In case any of you readers/ Googlers looking for Iftar /berbuka puasa menu and recipe.. Bolehlah tiru menu ni! hehe!

Star of our Father’s Day menu this year is SUP EKOR or OXTAIL SOUP. This is actually the first time I am cooking this and OMG it took 2 hours for the meat to be melt in your mouth tender. I am patting my own shoulder here, this soup is badass! Sangat sedap!

When cooking, I personally make it mandatory for saltiness, sweet and some sour flavour to be in balance. It would even be a better harmony if you can add come creaminess  to the dish but not in SUP EKOR case.. Traditional Malay recipe calls for no coconut cream or milk in clear soups. Tadaaa… presenting my SUP EKOR debut!

Tepuk tangan sket please!

sup ekor

Then I made this spicy hot SAMBAL IKAN BILIS or ANCHOVIES IN CHILI SAMBAL.. This is one of Azman’s favourite dishes and it stays good for days! So this dish will also be savored at Sahur.

Ini resepi SAMBAL IKAN BILIS my style:

Bahan untuk di kisar halus
• 10 tangkai cili kering (potong pendek2 dan rebus)
• 2 labu bawang besar di belah 4.
• 1 kiub pati ikan bilis atau 1/2 inci belacan
• 1 sudu minyak masak

Bahan-bahan lain
• 1/2 senduk minyak (utk tumis)
• bawang merah dan bawang putih racik/tumbuk (utk tumis)
• perahan asam jawa
• ikan bilis 1 genggam
• 1 biji bawang besar hiris nipis bulat2
• garam dan gula secukup rasa

Cara Penyediaan:
1. Goreng ikan bilis sehingga garing
2. Panaskan minyak..tumis bawang sampai naik kekuningan,masukkan bahan yg dibland..tumis sampai naik bau/pecah minyak..
3. Jus asam jawa
4. Masukkan ikan bilis yang telah digoreng garing tadi. Masukkan garam dan gula, last skali masukkan onion rings!

sambal tumis ikan bilis

Whenever I cook, although not so often LOL! But a vege dish is a must. I cannot eat a proper meal without vegetables. When I cook at home for the family, stir fry of mixed vegetable is what my boys like the most and I often cooked it 2-3 minutes more to suit the 2 year old taste. He likes hard vegetables but cooked soft.

Today we are having fresh mushroom, leek and carrots in soy and oyster sauce. Do you guys eat leek? Sedap giler! My personal favorite.

sayur campur
Because that stir fry is so budak-budak… I blanched some SAWI. Really, my mom showed me how consume sawi like this and it is actually the best!

resepi sayur sawi

Last but not least, we had a rare Malay delicacy from Pahang.  This is SAMBAL HITAM. Imported all the way from Kuantan… This sambal is probably not very popular among my family members, we are a bunch of northern folks but I have been staying in KL since I was 19 and learned to appreciate food not just from Penang and Perak but Kelantan, Melaka and Sabah as well! hehe!

Pregnant jangan mengidam umai sudah, mampus nak cari kat Sarawak…LOL!

sambal hitam

My two boys whom I cooked all the food with love for! The pint size Big Boss fell asleep at 7 pm so we had our iftar so peacefully and we enjoyed it to the last morsel.

happy fathers day

A friend on Instagram commented that I very rarely post food pics… Hmmm I thought I bragged about cooking too much already? Haha! Okay… since in Ramadhan, whether you like or not, we do think of food a little bit more, I will be posting more food entries too! Stay tuned! Selamat berpuasa!

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