Exclusive for diyanazman readers – Get FREE Movie Tickets by Spending Time With Your Parents

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Assalamualaikum and hello everybody!

I had a long break during Deepavali but I decided to stay home in KL instead, didn’t want to go through the hassle of travelling. Azman thought of going back to the kampong but we got caught up doing my piñata project, which in all honesty is exciting but takes up loads of time. Once this project is complete, we will head back to Kedah and spend time relaxing in our favorite spot right at the paddy field and most importantly, spend time with Mak and Ayah.

I know I am not in any position to be preachy, but now that I am a mom, I know why it is extremely important to spend time with my parents. Spending time with them, feels like a warm bowl of chicken soup for their heart and I strongly believe in this. Having said that, I am in support for the Pledge For Tomorrow campaign organized by AIG.

I participated earlier on, and my pledge was really simple, which was to go back to Penang and have a great home cooked meal with my mom. I did that and I really enjoyed my time with my mom, learning something new from her brings me back to my youngers days as a child. So now, why don’t you guys pledge to do something nice with your Mom and Dad too? Not only will you be granted with good karma and blessings from above, the folks at AIG would like to reward my readers with movie tickets too! YAY!!! And on top of that, my fans will get a chance to win the grand prize as well. Here are the simple steps on how you can achieve that.

1. Go to www.pledgefortomorrow.com and submit a pledge to do something special with your parents that would mean the world to them.
2. Submit and fulfill your pledge between 21st Nov – 30th Nov, make sure your Instagram is made public and share the picture with the hashtag #pledgefortomorrow and #PledgeWithDiyana to win.
3. The first 40 people who pledge, fulfill and share it will win 3x GSC tickets each and stand a chance to win the Grand Prize – an all-expense paid family outing that includes transportation and a Professional photographer.
a. High tea session at a 5-star hotel
b. A family trip to Bukit Gandah Elephant Sanctuary
c. A family cooking session with Le Cordon Bleu trained chef Rohani Jelani

Have you guys seen the video above? AIG made a few versions of Pledge for Tomorrow videos and this is my fave. For some reason when I watch it, a magical bowl of onions appear in front of me and my eyes start tearing up.
I wonder if Miki and Rafa will be good to us when they are older. Sob! Sob! I don’t know but I know we will spend as much time as we can with our parents NOW! NOW!

Quick join the Pledge for Tomorrow campaign and redeem your free tickets. If you’ve pledged remember to fulfill and share it. If you haven’t, do it NOW! Because it ends on 30th Nov. So let’s go to the movies together.
Contact me if you have any question! So what are you waiting for???


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  1. Kak Iena says:

    Just did a day out with mom! The event has to take place during the contest period or is it okay if occurs recently?

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