Siri Bercakap Dengan Rafa – Laundry

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“Mummy, lepas makan Rafa nak lipat baju okay?” Rafa said at dinner today.

For the past several weeks, I think my youngest son was taught or given the task of folding the sejadah or prayer matt after prayer at school. He enjoys the task very much and comes back from school wanting to fold sejadahs, towels and clothes. He does very well folding his own tshirts and pants anyway, I am indeed pleased.

Okay, bagus lah tu!” I answered, almost chuckling with laughter, because seriously?! did one of my kids just volunteered to do a house chore! Wow, I felt like I just won a lottery or something.

“Lepas lipat kain pergi cari kayu api...” I continued with my hands on my hips and may face fierce like a mak tiri.


“Lepas tu pergi ambil air di perigi!” I said, waving a finger on his face.

“Apa tu? what?” Rafa’s face habis senget-senget trying to understand what I just said.

“Dia tak paham lawak tu Mummy…..” Azman said without even looking up from his laptop.

Eiii… menyampahnya! Okay fine, my kids don’t get my medieval jokes. I was just about to play the role of Mak Kundur in Bawang Putih Bawang Merah laaaa…… LOL

Bertuah kids these days, no? Miki’s chores paling teruk is take out the trash from our studio to the big can at the back. Then he washes his own school shoes. Rafa?Well he needs to clean up his toys and feeds his pets but itupun selalu kantoi. Alhmdulillah we are born in this era. I mean, I can’t imagine if we have to gather firewoods for heat and cooking just how am I going to charge my gadgets to login to Facebook?!



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2 Responses

  1. Hi hi… lama tak baca blog you, diana.. So cute and boleh bayangkan gaya mak tiri tu, ha ha ha..

  2. Diyana Yang Diyana Yang says:

    Tulah.Sayanglah blog ni, and kesian Rafa tak banyak citer pasal dia… anyway penat aku berlakon mak tiri tapi rafa tak paham??

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