Hari Raya Gathering Sesumojian Batch ’93

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On the day my Pak Lang passed away ( Al- Fatihah ), my ex-schoolmate has arranged a Hari Raya gathering. Normally, we host gatherings in hotels or resorts, however this time..we chose to have it at our former class teacher’s house, Cikgu Puteh (Mrs. White..hehe). Cikgu Puteh was my class teacher for 2 years and she’s been teaching at Sekolah Sultan Mohamad Jiwa for almost 27 years. In fact last year she had won the award as the longest serving teacher.

It is quite a difficult situation because I wanted to attend both ceremonies that are scheduled at the same time. Luckily, my friend, Adut, at the gathering informed that most of them are willing to wait for me until that late afternoon.
So, I arrived at Cikgu Puteh’s house at Sungai Petani close to 4.00pm. Only Azli @ Adut, Basyir@ Buas, Megat @ Megades, Sofwan @ Mat Puan and the only schoolmate that I have not met since we finished schooling, Khairuddin @ Pak Din Kulop was still there . I thought I was the last person to arrive, but Wan Azwar @ Tok Mut and Rasyidi @ Nale arrived around half an hour later. My other friends that were present but has gone back earlier due to family matters were Fadzil @ Kerdil, Fadhli @ Pak Li and Rahisham @ Mat Som.

gathering raya 2007 sekolah sultan mohamad jiwa

We had a really wonderful time chatting and recalling about our past and we couldn’t stop laughing about almost everything. Most of us cannot hide the sign of aging anymore, we’re a lot fatter than before and white hair can also easily be seen. I was also shocked to know that some of them are frequent readers of this blog and their comment was…why have I never mentioned any of my ex-schoolmate names in this blog especially in the “mee cebuk” story. Starting from that, the story expanded and I just remembered that there were a lot of other ways of preparing instant mee at that time. Some of the ways were by using the water pail and even a Coca-Cola’s can!! Just stuff the Maggi mee inside a Coke can and fill it with tap water!!…What a great innovation!!

bersalam salaman..

At the end of the day, I felt sorry for Diyana because she had to wait for hours while my friends and I were laughing!!
The gathering finished around 6.30pm and after that I had a short visit to my former school, Sekolah Sultan Mohamad Jiwa that was situated about 3-4km away from Cikgu Puteh’s house.
You can see here the latest pictures of Sekolah Sultan Mohammad Jiwa, Sungai Petani, Kedah.

sekolah sultan mohamad jiwa 2007

sekolah sultan mohamad jiwa 2007

sekolah sultan mohamad jiwa 2007

Finally, thanks to our main organizer, Basyir for preparing for almost everything from food to gathering venue, and to Adut as the Klang Valley organizer and also Cikgu Puteh’s family for your willingness to accept us as guests at your house! For more pictures, you can visit Azli @ Adut Fotopages.

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10 Responses

  1. Nize says:

    emmm…semakin boroi Tok Mut..keh keh keh :sinchan:

  2. bauk..bauk..bauk says:

    bagusnye masih ader inisiatif nak wat gathering samer2… perkare yang akan dikenang sentiase… tahniah

  3. farah kawaii says:

    alhamdulillah that everything is ok…

  4. Rahim (Gambo) says:

    Ishh….rugi tak dapat join. Tapai kalau join sah2 mmg tak kenai masing2…

  5. Iena says:

    waahhh…bagusnyer…still contact cikgu….uhuhuh..terharu

  6. bani yang berhemah says:

    aku balik kg ari tu….chegu aku fobia nengok aku. dia nampak dari jauh terus nak melarikan diri hak hak hak. tapi aku sempat kejar chegu aku tu mintak maap dari hujung kepala sampai ke hujung nyawa…..sbb aku dan geng skolah dulu pernah pedajalkan chegu tu. tak sangka plak dia masih lagi ingat insiden itu huhuhuhu…

  7. Dade Ghost says:

    Azman bila nak mulakan persatuan bekas pelajar Sekolah Menengah Sains SeMalaysia?

    I recognise the buildings are typical first batch of 8 Sek Men Sains in Malaysia.

  8. azman says:

    awat hang tak mai??..hang kan orang sg.petani?..tak balik kg ka?

    Dade Ghost;
    tak tau la dade ghost…nak start pun tak tau kat mana..hehe. buat gathering raya pun susah…lagi la nak kumpul semua sekolah sains!

  9. AZMI says:

    nanti kalau ada gathering lagi jangan lupa ajak aku sekali
    teringat zaman kita sekolah dulu

  10. wan zainal says:

    Wah, Cikgu Puteh ahmad was your teacher ? she was ours in 1984 (mayne, cant remember) I was a student 81-85 and she was my teacher at some point then. She taught Bahasa Malaysia right? Good to know that you guys are still in touch with your teachers. I have to say that my years at SMSK, as it was known then was the best years of my life and pretty much made me the person I am today!
    Best regards,

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