Flashy Friday – Pictures at Madame Tussauds, Berlin

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Madame Tussauds is great place to visit for all of us posers.. We go and look at the wax statues, mimic  the way the pose and take pictures.. That’s all we do in Madame Tussauds, I don’t really understand it but it is fun.. Hahaha!

These pictures we some of the dozens of pictures we took at Madame Tussauds, Berlin.

madam tassaud berlin5


Rafa seronok dapat duduk bawah skirt Marilyn Monroe..  Haha… They provide similar dress and wig for visitors to wear and take pictures with Marilyn’s statue… but I malulah! hek hek

madame tussauds berlin

Because I am more of the Madonna type.. hehe

madame tussauds berlin

And Rihanna! LOL

madame tussauds berlin


Surprisingly Miki enjoyed himself very much at Madame Tussauds..

madame tussauds berlin

Dia posing dengan Daddy…

madame tussauds berlin


Dia posing dengan ET…

madame tussauds berlin

Rafa pun pandai reflect memek muka patung.. hahaha

madame tussauds berlin


Ini Anne Frank. When we were in Amsterdam, we visited her old hideout. Azman tak nak tangkap gambar dengan patung ni mahupun dengan statue dekat depan rumah Anne Frank… “Tak hingin aku tangkap gambar dengan Yahudi!” katanya! hahahahahahahaha

madam tassaud berlin1

madam tassaud berlin2

Azman the Einstein wannabe.. Einstein pun bukan Yahudi ke? hahaha

madam tassaud berlin3

Me and Obama… Oh and Miki di celah-celah kaki…

madam tassaud berlin4

Sape tah ni… violin player mana tah.. David Garret kot.. Tapi Miki comel…

madam tassaud berlin6


madame tussauds berlin

Ini pintu masuk, masa ni nak beli tiket. Location dia dekat je dengan Brandenburg Gate tu… kitorang jalan kaki je dari situ.

Tiket masuk Madame Tussauds Berlin ialah €21.00 untuk dewasa dan €16.00 untuk kanak-kanak. Madame Tussauds lain aku tak tau dan tak masuk dah kot Madame Tussauds lain dalam dunia sebab dia ada patung-patung aja…

Yang di Berlin ni ada dalam 80 statues termasuk Michael Jackson, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black etc etc… It is a nice place… 🙂 Tapi kalau ada rezeki pergi Berlin lagi (atau Bangkok atau London) rasanya tak perlu dah nak pergi lagi. hehehe…

Have a great weekend ahead peeps!

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  1. eintanz says:

    this is the only place yg i tak minat nak masuk. rasa buang duit tapi my girlfriends nak masuk gak for our coming trip to london. pftt!! btw u nampak kembang skit pegi sana sbb sejuk kan. but still slim. kalau i tatau la cenna. mcm nangka bungkuih kot,

  2. Diyana says:

    Eintanz nak kena penampar jepun tak??? I think you is one person who deserve to get bragging rights for being able to lose so much weight and improve your looks in I think 200% in 3 years!!! you are really gorgeous and classy looking now… TAHNIAH!!!! This is genuine, you know I dont say this to everybody! hehehe

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