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My name is Diyana Yang. Azman is my husband. He designs TV parts for living. I am an executive. We are currently very happy couple DINK (double income no kids).

We live in Selangor, Malaysia. That’s the country north to Singapore and south to Thailand. We both graduated from University of Malaya and were married in January 2006.

This website is about the places we visit, the food we eat, the jokes we laugh at and the ups and downs of our daily life. Some entries are written by me and some by Azman.

about us

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  1. Tarence says:

    hey there Diyana & Azman

    i`m also located at bandar kinrara, section 2 actually to be exact…i just chanced on your blog while searching for some details BK 7 ( mana yah ? just bought property there tapi can`t seem to find info on it)….

    just want to recommend that the char kuew teow in Giant foodcourt is very penang-sedap. and have you all tried BUmbu Bali in Bdr puteri ? my fav-est mid-priced outlet @ d moment. also, rotiboy makes excellent walnut raisin bread ( rm3 a pop)

    i plant carnivorous plants as a hobby, got lotsa varieties from local & also overseas nurseries….heheh, just a point of interest to share.

    Ciao`….i can be reached at 016-3310275 if need be…

    rgds, Tarence.

  2. dash78 says:

    Hai, Diyana…

    I think I know your hubby back from uni’s days. He used to be at Za’ba College, UM for a while. There’s where I know him but don’t worry, we were not that close. I’m not even sure sure if he knows me…

    Anyhow, this is a nice site. Keep it up…

  3. azman says:

    I was not at Zaba college “for a while”!.. I stayed there for more than 5 years!!

  4. shah says:

    Salam to Diyana & Azman…

    i just only bought a house in BK5 and wondering about the neighbourhood.. if you guys or other bloggers could just share with me. My house facing the main road, sebelah masjid…

  5. IsQim says:

    Wish that I would have the time & skills to pack my blog like yours…

  6. shasha says:

    hye dear sis diyana n husband..

  7. khadam says:


    hai kakak…i must call u kakak since im ur jr huh a jr?
    actually im also a sesumojian but during my time the term sesumojian are not very popular anymore i think…dunno why

    im from batch of 25th (1994-1998) yeah that why we never met hehe if not i must giv u salam assalamualaikum kak r bang sigh typical hostel rules hehe

    anyway im just surf d net n doin my bla2 net stuff then as a twist of fates suddenly stumble 2 ur pages…cool sites anyway really

    also doin a sites for my batch (since most of us think we r cool coz of 25th batch but in the mean time sbenarnya hampeh hehe) but not yet ready 2 launch..still under constructions so thanks 4 ur pages giv me a few ideas

    n hopefully if u hav free time n baik hati mayb u could giv me a guide haha xmalu kan dh la xknal pun

    currently dun hav pages yet but u can check my facebook then u will see many more jr under ur belt hehe also sum of ol mat jiwa photo

    so best of luck 2 u ya kakak

  8. Diyana says:

    waalaikumsalam khadam,
    first of all im glad u find this blog useful. but actually dik! (haha!) the one who went to Mat Jiwa is my husband – Azman (Abang Man ko la tu! haha) who is also a co-writer in this blog. He will reply to you later but in the mean time, I wish you all the best with your website project and all the best with your studies as well.
    Do add us in Facebook, you can find the links to our profiles on the left side of this page.

    Good luck!

  9. Irwinz says:

    Hi D and Azman… just wanna say hi… coz the last time we met was at your wedding in Penang…

  10. lily says:

    islam rupenyer.. ingat kafir.. berlagak cm org putih..

  11. Diyana says:

    I am sure u are still upset about my entry here :-

    Sudah2 la tu. Terimalah hakikat service TM teruk… ok?

  12. diana.n says:


    I love this bloggg….. full of jealousy…I like it…im sure u hav a good skill diyana.keep it up..

  13. HAMBA ALLAH says:


    kenapa tidak masukkan nama penuh bapa puan.


  14. Diyana says:

    Hamba Allah,
    I have never tried to hide my full name or identity. I see you have gone the extra mile to find my father’s name. I am sure you are very much obsessed with me! I am honored. Thank you! I bet even you dont have have any devoted fans, the way that I have you!

  15. ZZ says:


    Really nice blog and love reading it. D you got the power hihihihi

  16. budak tm.. says:

    salam pada semua tm sebanarnye tm xbodoh tm org yang kerje 2 bodoh or xckup ilmu buat2 pandai so think before u post something ok . think wisely..;)

  17. Rokiah says:

    Hi Diyanazman where can I buy the tart mold I really want to try your receipe this year Thanks

  18. Diyana says:

    Salam Rokiah, I am sorry dear.. which blog entry are you referring to? Sorry ya.. I have many entries in this blog.. 🙂

  19. indian gurl says:

    Hi diyana,

    i reali enjoy readin ur blog.its funny.i have been reading frm ur oldest post up tilll now.n ur kid, is so so adorable..wif his curly murly hair.vry cute boi.neway tc.n b funny always.

  20. abah says:

    Diyana abah ni …..

  21. Diyana says:

    Hi Abah, Assalamualaikum!

  22. Mama Naufal says:

    Assalamualaikum Abah!!!1

  23. Paul says:

    I live in Thailand and like your spinach patch pics

  24. Mama Adam says:

    Hi D,

    I think you’re one funny lady. I enjoyed reading your blog and I bookmarked your blog tawww! Keep up the good work! And congrats on you newborn and the praises for all the one-woman-show thingy at work!

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